Rauhan Orkesteri

Free jazz quartet hailing from Finland comprising Antti Tolvi (who has played with Päivänsäde), Jaakko Tolvi (who has recorded as Lauhkeat Lampaat with Antti), Tero Kemppainen (who has recorded with the Jooklo Quartet and the Jooklo Finnish Quartet) and Ville Jolanki. The Cream of the Finnish Jazz Scene!

I'm not aware of any recent recorded output but they are certainly still playing on the Northern European festival circuit.

Rauhan Orkesteri‎ - Untitled

2003 LP that was jointly released on Lal Lal Lal, Pohjoisten Kukkaisten Äänet, Zerga and Käsipohja.


Rauhan Orkesteri‎– Felix

3" cdr released on 267 lattajjaa from 2003.


Rauhan Orkesteri - Hyppy Tunti

7" released on Pohjoisten Kukkaisten Äänet in 2004.

Hyppy Tunti

Rauhan Orkesteri & Lauhkeat Lampaat - Sylissäin Oot

2005 LP released on [the mark of quality] Qbico.

Sylissäin Oot

Rauhan Orkesteri - Dingdongtyyny-Europetour-05

Self-released cdr from 2005.



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