Mourmansk 150 - Prologue To A Civil War

CDR on Smell The Stench from 2006.

"Mourmansk 150 is an honest, uncensored & unrestrained expression of my deep hostility towards the inequities, corruption, abuse, ignorance & perversion of our civilizations, our species & the machinations of mans predominantly revolting existence.

Trying to understand, trying to overcome & reform from the debilitating social gulag that I was conceived in.


The complete annihilation, extermination, destruction, ruination, violent collapse & permanent extinction of ALL oppressive forces & political tyranny through


the purgation, irreversible removal, immolation of Social Abuse, Civil Ignorance, Ecological Dissoluteness, Gluttony"

A refreshing kick in the face to the overtly fascist, rascist and homophobic arsehole noise artists out there and the morons who run the blogs that post that shit!

Prologue To A Civil War


Anonymous,  3 March 2012 at 04:42  

More people and bands need to think like the sentiments in that last sentence. :D

Anonymous,  6 March 2012 at 12:31  

i didn't like the music but cover
is gorgeous and i totally agree with your last sentence.
(anyway i think that most of the so called nazi HNW bands aren't really nazis, probably the listeners are too idiot to realize irt)

Luminous Insect 20 March 2012 at 05:55  

Amen to your sentiments here, ironically enough the label (I think) took down the link for a copyright claim. so much for "permanent extinction of ALL oppressive force."
Seeming hypocrisy aside, it's hard to believe so many people just gobble up cryptofascist, eurocentrist, and even blatantly racialist P.E. acts along with everything else, i.e. Pogrom, Xenophobic Ejaculation, Brethren, under some kind of amoralist anti-ethos. It seems akin to the justification so many give for listening to NSBM: we're total misanthropes so why not be nazis too? without realizing the obvious irrationality of that statement.
It's as if a lot of people who got started on noise/PE themed on sexual deviancy/sexual serial murder/BDSM took their content as some kind of "troo kvlt" statement about real-life morals (or the lack thereof), rather the opposite of what they think, a satirical/ironic protest statement. I mean how can you be a compassionate human being and see a Peter Sotos spoken word collage as nothing but a deeply sad human tragedy? Or on the political side, it's pretty hard to see that just because Grey Wolves are talking about fascism & xenophobia, that they espouse any form of it, when in reality what underlies their tactics is some really far-left anarchist positions.
I don't get it and it's unfortunate the label space shared by some of these acts, there's really some good non-right wing stuff on Filth & Violence but I get a sick feeling listening to anybody from that label because of its associations.
For some good antifa left-wing P.E. (well erm, as far as I know only group in addition to M150) I point you to Shallow Waters, who released a slew of anti-capitalist/anti-globalization themed works from 2006-2008, mostly self-released with one release on Hospital, with wonderfully bleak cover artwork of collaged b+w of imperialist crimes.

badgerstump 20 March 2012 at 18:40  

It wasn't the artist or the label that led to the link being taken down. There appears to be a new tactic out there where DMCA is being used in an intentionally indescriminate way. They include very random terms in their claims and the M150 fell victim to this. MF took it down...I've appealed it but am not holding my breath! I had a Filthy Turd tape taken down by Blogger because of the same tactic by some pornographers.

Static Fanatic had his Wasteland Jazz Unit taken down by some other pornographers...mine weren't affected. We've talked about it, and he is right to say that this "new dawn" equates to a denial of service attack on file hosts...we have not heard the last of this! Cowardly New World Order! The people posting the "popular" shit threaten us subterraneans and we will have to roll with the blows. Currently filing this under "shit happens" but it makes for an uncertain future...mind you, it was ever thus!

Your other points are spot on and well articulated. Some people have no understanding of art or politics. In their attempts to shock or adopt some kind of "outsider" status, they are completely incapable to appreciate that transgressive art holds up a mirror to society and the individual. It appears (to me) that people view political philosophy in a strictly linear sense and adopt their positions accordingly. The difference between (ultra left) Anarchism and (ultra right) Libertarianism lies only in the operationalisation. That appears to be too subtle a distinction for many!

Totally agree with F&V, some really good things there but can not listen to it given the clearly fascist shite they also pump out.

As for Shallow Waters...I used to contribute to Terror Noise Audio and posted some there. However, one of the other posters started to post some seriously anti-semitic material alongside comments that frankly glorified it. I deleted every post I gave to that formerly great blog and left. I can not and will not be associated with such ignorance.