Luasa Raelon / Envenomist

Requested re-up from (unbelievably) 22 months ago. David was one of the first artists that I approached directly to post his OOP stuff...and he is a thoroughly nice man! Never did get that compilation list though.

In the words of the man himself..."David Reed has been producing heavy electronic music under various monikers since the year 2000. He currently records under three active solo projects, luasa raelon, brittle foundries and envenomist. Envenomist is sourced solely using synthesisers to produce a minimal industrial ambience heavily influenced by 80's Industrial acts and the European synth scene of the 70's. Luasa Raelon is a far-ranging death industrial/dark ambient project dealing with narrative themes and using whatever materials are at hand for sound and textures to create the requisite material. Brittle Foundries began as music concrete/academic project but has journeyed into territories of desolation and despair while retaining a subtle beauty. Also active in Nightmares with Jon Canady and Mark Solotroff. Past work with Starlight Fleecing, Rocco DiPietro, Larry Marotta, the Avant Collective, Jason Zeh, and Mike Shiflet."

All of this is OOP...David runs his own label (Snip-Snip Records) and you can buy the releases still available here and check out the latest news here . David has said he will give me a list of his personal favourite works/tracks to post as a compilation type thing. I have loads that is still in print (and therefore can't post) so have heard nearly would make for some fantastic listening!

Gotta admit I've never heard Brittle Foundries...or seen any for that matter...

Finally...SS Envenomind is a 3-way collab between the guys behind Spine Scavanger, Envenomist and Hive Mind, btw...

Luasa Raelon

2001 - Luasa Raelon - Combustion
2001 - Luasa Raelon - Detonator c60
2003 - Luasa Raelon - The Erebus And The Terror
2004 - Hive Mind & Luasa Raelon & Redrot - Industrial Isolation
2004 - Luasa Raelon - Avarice
2004 - Luasa Raelon & The Cherry Point - Split c20
2005 - Hive Mind & Luasa Raelon - Alabaster Catacombs 3''cdr
2005 - Luasa Raelon - Cephalomancy
2005 - Luasa Raelon & Hive Mind - Sea-Level Transmission
2007 - Hum Of The Druid & Luasa Raelon - Screaming Biology / Oceanic
2007 - Luasa Raelon - Into The Void


2005 - Wapstan & Envenomist - Split
2006 - Envenomist - Delving Glacial
2007 - Envemonist - Black Bile c30
2007 - Envenomist - Beholder 3''cdr
2007 - Envenomist - Weighted Ghost c30
2007 - Pulse Emitter & Envenomist - Split c45
2008 - Envenomist - Divine Intervention c30
2008 - SS Envenomind - Untitled c30
2009 - Envenomist & Hive Mind - Initiation Into Nothingness c40

Envenomist - Scorpian Gears


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Very much like Envenomist. Thanks for posting!@

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definitely not my kind of noise