Ashtray Navigations!

I am delighted to announce that Leeds has finally been connected to the electricity grid.

And...Phil Todd has taken maximum advantage by giving us the best opportunities to keep up with new Ashtray Navigations developments. As if this wasn't good enough...Phil will be offering up past AshNav glories as Flac downloads direct from the masters...

First off is the absolutely beautifully desinged wordpress site that you can find here which contains all of the info you will ever need about the new releases, gigs and general really need to dive in and keep track.

There is also the bandcamp page here that delivers to your more immediate ADHD needs by cutting to the chase and giving you the opportunity to buy physical or digital or both.

Also tagged in is the Radio Free Midwich wordpress page here. This was a new one for me and a really welcome find. It's the work of Rob Hayler who ran the really quite brilliant Fencing Flatworm Recordings label and ran the experimental-music institution Termite Club. I only managed to get to Termite once and smiled for weeks after. Top man!


Exeter 6 September 2011 at 02:41  

I've been interested in this group for a while; it'd be great to hear this one!

Rob H 7 September 2011 at 15:46  

Hey Badgerstump,

Many thanks for the kind words - much appreciated! I'm sure the discerning readers of Bleak Bliss would find much of interest at RFM including freely downloadable goodies from the fencing flatworm/midwich back catalogue...

Fond regards,
Rob H