Oren Ambarchi & Lasse Marhaug - Worried Friends

7" released in 2007 on Lasse's Pica Disk. Sold out at source but there are a few copies on Discogs still going!

Described as "a pair of 'piano music' pieces, acting as the debut collaborative single from two of contemporary experimental music's most prolific/consistently rewarding practitioners; oren ambarchi and lasse marhaug... those of you expecting something on par with maurizio pollini's reading of satie's gnossiennes might be a little shocked to find instead a fierce 12+ minute inside-piano scrape-fest, hedged with bursts of live-electronic feedback & a 'hot' fidelity familiar from any number of david tudor recordings... yet at the same time not too far removed from the new blockaders' whole gesamtnichswerk; this is anti-music at its finest... not something for strict followers of oren's friendly/subdued sine-guitar throb, nor lasse's harsh wall of electronic sound; but definitely one for those whose preferences fall in the noisier end of the electro-acoustic composition/improv spectrum."

Piano? Sounds like sulphuric acid dropping from a great height onto wet sheet steel. And, as we know, that is a fine sound indeed!

Worried Friends


Anonymous,  14 July 2011 at 18:56  

sounds like this is right up my street... thanks very much!

Anonymous,  14 July 2011 at 20:02  

Sounds promising, and I REALLY need some noise at the minute... thanks very much!