Klaus Schulze featuring Lisa Gerrard - Dziękuję Bardzo - Vielen Dank

A dream team!

3 CD release from 2009 documenting 2 concerts in Warsaw and Berlin. Lisa Gerrard has a special place in my heart to be honest. Saw her with Dead Can Dance on the Aion tour many years ago. The most beautiful voice I have ever heard. Full stop.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Dead Can Dance - Aion

...and just in case you have never heard this before...



Anonymous,  9 June 2011 at 10:18  

Hey,there an extacting problem with Schulze/Gerrand post.
I D/L all parts but when i tried to join them i found it impossible.
Please check it out and reply.
Thanks for all your posts.

claudio 11 July 2011 at 17:22  

Hi I Am Claudio from www.clubebm.blogspot.com Excellent Music, Lisa Gerard and DCD is the best.