Wilt – Gutterballads: The Damnation Helix Sessions

2006 cdr on Annihilvs.



aram 8 May 2011 at 17:10  

Hi. A couple of these folders are in an 'unknown' format. All the rest work fine and render as zips. But these three are un-openable:

1. Gutterballads -- The Damnation Helix Sessions
2. Cemetery Road Vol. 2
3. Esoteric Studies (No Future Fest Edition)

I don't know if uploading them again will help, but I thought I'd let you know... THANKS for everything.

badgerstump 8 May 2011 at 18:13  

You are unzipping these as seperate folders...the parts of the seperate releases need to be combined...part 1 and part 2 to the same folder!