The Tower Recordings

The Tower Recordings were a group of friends in Brattleboro, Vermont. Revolving around Matt Valentine (featuring at times, PG Six, Helen Rush, Tim Barnes, Samara Lubelski, S. Freyer, Esq., Andre Vida and Dean Roberts), they were one of the more innovative groups bundled under the ever-growing umbrella of the psychedelic folk scene (or "New Weird America" as The Wire would have it). Although they have been largely overlooked in the wake of the bands who were better placed when the media began to take an interest, they’ve consistently been viewed by musicians and discerning fans alike as one of the psych-folk underground’s best kept secrets. With an encyclopedic knowledge of blues and folk traditions and a fascination with the avant-garde, they created a suitably far out sound filled with brittle acoustic picking and mind melting experimentation. The recordings often involved retiring to a suitably isolated and atmospheric location and playing with a tape rolling.

Gradually they folded, with Matt Valentine evolving and creating beautiful work under the MV & EE collective umberella.

1994 - The Tower Recordings - Demo Tape (unreleased ed. of 1)
1995 - The Tower Recordings - Rehearsals For Roseland (Circa '95) (lp) [superlux]
1996 - Planet TR - Let The Cosmos Ring [spirit of orr]
1996 - The Tower Recordings - Contact Low Definition (7'') [audible hiss]
1996 - The Tower Recordings - The Fraternity Of Moonwalkers [audible hiss]
1997 - The Tower Recordings - Furniture Music For Evening Shuttles [siltbreeze]
1997 - Tono-Bungay & The Tower Recordings - Rules Of Thumb (10'') [squealer]
2001 - The Tower Recordings - Folk Scene [communion label]
2002 - The Tower Recordings - The Futuristic Folk Of The Tower Recordings [child of microtones]
2002 - The Tower Recordings - The Futuristic Folk Of The Tower Recordings Vol 2 [child of microtones]
2004 - The Tower Recordings - The Galaxies' Incredibly Sensual Transmission Field Of The Tower Recordings [communion label]
2004 - The Tower Recordings - Message From The Celestial Explosions [holoscanner consciousness]
2004 - The Tower Recordings - Ya'Ard God (stereo edition) [child of microtones]


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