Sunroof! is the work of prolific, Bradford-based guitar-abuse legend Matthew Bower. What is it about Yorkshire that produces so many incredible outsider artists? He's probably better known for his work as Skullflower and Hototogisu (with Marcia Bassett). Although some Sunroof! releases only feature Matt, it is far from a purely solo outing. The project has included collaborators such as Richard Youngs, C. Spencer Yeh (Burning Star Core), John Moloney (Sunburned Hand Of The Man), Ben Jones and Hasan Gaylani (Jazzfinger), Lee Stokoe (Culver), Mick Flower (Vibracathedral Orchestra; Flower-Corsano Duo), Neil Campbell (Vibracathedral Orchestra), Phil Todd (Ashtray Navigations) and Spencer Clark and James Ferraro (The Skaters).

Sunroof! specialise in high-pitched, airy, shimmering drones, reminiscent of some of Vibracathedral Orchestra's work, filled with flute-like tones, soft feedbacking guitars and restless, metallic percussion. However, Sunroof!’s trajectory shifts from bubbling, transcendental pulses to coruscating feedback, jerky freeform soloing to sweet-shimmering dream-haze, traces of acid-damaged British folk to brain-blitzing high-pitched psychedelic drone. This shimmering, restless fluttering is filled with a holy chaos, a cacophony that incorporates any background noise, no matter how harsh, into part of the music.

I haven't included Delicate Autobahn Under Construction (a stunning piece of work btw), Silver Bear Mist, Bliss, or Cloudz. The superb VHF Records finally have them in print again after years of unavailability. They are very cheap...$12 for the double cds!!! I think you should support the label and buy them.

The Crippled Rosebud Binding double lp is included in the previous Mouthus post.

1999 - Sunroof! - Peach Fuzzz (7'') [betley welcomes careful drivers, giardia]
1999 - Sunroof! - Slipstream [giardia]
1999 - Sunroof! - Studio Ks (cdr) [self-released]
2000 - Sunroof! - Found Star Sound [vhf records]
2001 - Sunroof! - Reborn In Jets Of Rainbow Water (lp) [giardia]
2002 - Sunroof! - Temple Music Volume 1 & 2 (2xcdr) [rural electrification program]
Volume 1 Volume 2
2003 - Sunroof! - Rock Power (euro tour cdr) [rural electrification program]
2003 - Sunroof! - Splat! [u-sound archive]
2003 - Sunroof! & Vibracathedral Orchestra - Wings Over America [vhf records]
2004 - Sunroof! - USSA [vhf records]
2004 - Sunroof! & Double Leopards - Live @ The Buffalo Bar, London [flac bootleg]
2005 - Sunroof! - Rainbow Electric Sabbath (cdr) [nature tape limb]
2006 - Sunroof! - Goldfoxradianthowl (s-sided lp) [melted mailbox]
2006 - Sunroof! - The Ocean Rooms, Brighton, UK (12 Nov 2006) [flac bootleg]
2007 - Sunroof! - Panzer Division Lou Reed [vhf records]
2007 - Sunroof! - Spitting Gold Zebras [bottrop-boy]
2008 - Kemialliset Ystävät & Sunroof! - Split Series #19 (12'') [fatcat records]
2008 - Sunroof! - Sufi Hate Crime/Zen Atrocity [self-released]


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