Starving Weirdos

In 1998, Starving Weirdos began crafting a body of staggeringly beautiful, unsettling freeform soundscapes, unbeknownst to all but a tiny circle of friends and neighbours in their native Humboldt County, California. At the core of Starving Weirdos is the duo of Brian Pyle and Merrick McKinlay. The pair weave intricate tapestries of sound from strands of electroacoustic improvisation, ambient noise, free-folk, and musique concréte. The result is a profoundly disorienting music that thrives on the tension between artificiality and organicity, stillness and constant mutation. Their expansive, understated approach to improvisation and recording more closely resembles an amalgam of early AMM, Taj Mahal Travellers, Trad Gras och Stenar, and Pauline Oliveros's deep listening experiments. Thet have performed with a huge list of contemporaries including No-Neck Blues Band, Sunburned Hand of the Man, LSD March, Religious Knives, Mouthus, Yellow Swans, Jackie-O Motherfucker, MV&EE, Charalambides, Tom Carter, Magik Markers, Tarentel, Xela, White Rainbow, Valet, Rob Wallmart, Tom Blood, Spencer Doran/Cloaks, Family Underground, Lucky Dragons, Mudboy, Old Time Relijun, GHQ, Zaimph, Deerhunter, Seabear, Ignatz, Gala Drop, Nackt Insecten, Themselves (Anticon), Inca Ore/Axolotl, and Talibam!

2005 - Starving Weirdos - self-titled [athiestsaregods]
2006 - Starving Weirdos - Eastern Light (2xcdr) [root strata]
2006 - Starving Weirdos - Father Guru [azul discográfica]
2006 - Starving Weirdos - Live, Arcata, CA (11.10.06)
2006 - Starving Weirdos - Self-Hypnosis (cdr) [collective jyrk]
2006 - Starving Weirdos - With All The Hues Of The Rainbow [audiobot]
2006 - Starving Weirdos (feat. Tom Carter & Shawn McMillen) - Live, Eureka, California (10.12.06)
2007 - Inca Ore + Lemon Bear & Starving Weirdos - A Drawing With Shadows, The Light Is Coming From The Sun [athiestsaregods]
2007 - Starving Weirdos - Harry Smith (lp) [root strata]
2007 - Starving Weirdos - Live [digitalis recordings]
2007 - Starving Weirdos - Shrine Of The Post-Hypnotic [root strata]
2007 - Starving Weirdos - Summon With Electronic Sorcery [bottrop-boy]
2007 - Starving Weirdos - U Sound, Vol. 30 [u sound archive]
2008 - Starving Weirdos - A Pretense To Destroy [students of decay]
2008 - Starving Weirdos - Absolute Freedom 7'' [abandon ship]
2008 - Starving Weirdos - Blue Heron (lp) [olde english spelling bee]
2008 - Starving Weirdos - Brotman-Pyle-McKinlay [athiestsaregods]
2008 - Starving Weirdos - Fierce Ability (lp) [en/of]
2008 - Starving Weirdos - Live @ Valentines (cdr, edition of 58) [self-released]
2008 - Starving Weirdos - Seance At Lufenhulz (tour cdr) [sound and fury]
2008 - Starving Weirdos - Spirit Activity (cass) [root strata]
2008 - Starving Weirdos - Today Is The Clearest Stream (cass) [blackest rainbow]
2008 - Starving Weirdos & Shearing Pinx - Untitled (cass) [isolated now waves]
2009 - Starving Weirdos - B_P_M series 1 (lp) [blackest rainbow]
2009 - Starving Weirdos - Into An Energy (with bonus disc) [bo'weavil]
2009 - Starving Weirdos - Self-Hypnosis (2xlp) [weird forest records]
2009 - Starving Weirdos - The Path Of Lightning (2xlp) [weird forest records]
2009 - Starving Weirdos with Tom Carter & Shawn McMillen - live at the accident (lp) [blackest rainbow]