Various - Cruel Claw & Hungry Throat 2

First up ... just to warn you ... the track by Roman Ha (yeah quite) is shite. Complete shite ... one of those "nobody knows" who must be a "friend" of the person releasing the tape. Now that I have cast my worthy aspersions we can move on. This is a really great tape: Aktive Stagnation; Ruins; Ixa-Wud; Cosmonauts Hail Satan (which is such a great name but is also Mr Filthy Turd) and Liz Gizzad. Yeah, who the fuck are they ... well one of the noisy fuckers is an early entrance by the gorgeous lanky streak of piss Mick Flower (trust me it's a term of endearment over here ... it's the kind of thing that a lack of prospects engenders) who you may have heard was in Vibracathedral Orchestra. Not so much here, but he turns guitars into fluids ... as captivating a guitarist as I've seen live and that covers a lot of ground ... a kind of inverse / anti-matter Sir Richard Bishop.

C60 released on Biotope Art Organization in 1991. Probably.



Anonymous,  9 May 2020 at 17:35  

not bad!