Culpis - Situation Vacant Columns

Incredibly, this is the only full album by Culpis! The trio of Michi Nagata on guitars, Daizo Nishimura on harmonium and Takuji Naka on reeds, makes one hell of a racket. They remind me of Voice Crack or Dislocation, an energetic and dense improv/noise clatter. I like this album a lot, and would have liked to have heard them do more... but other than "Situation Vacant Columns" (released as a CD by PARA Disc, the label affiliated with the Parallax record shop in Kyoto), they made two split CDRs with MSBR and nothing else. Nagata was also in the grindcore band Casket K. Takuji Naka went on to record with Tim Olive, Frans de Waard and Jason Kahn. The other guy hasn't made any other albums that I'm aware of. If you're only going to leave one album behind, this is a pretty good one.

Culpis - Situation Vacant Columns


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I've been looking for this for years and I didn't think to ask. That makes one of us a dick.

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Live video of Culpis, April 2005: