Trumans Water - Spasm Smash XXXOXOX Ox & Ass

I'm not expecting this to work for anybody else but ... the opening track "Aroma Of Gina Arnold" starts off as though Sonic Youth played Pacific Coast Highway and Xpressway to Yr Skull at the same time and that was a normal thing to do ... and then it launches into a different universe if it wasn't there already. I know loads of things and I'm right more than 100% of the time (obviously) so that means I'm pretty sure it was the Spasm Smash tour that I saw them at the Boardwalk in Manchester. I would be astonished if there were more than 30 of us there. Apart from the joy of dancing to Rations whilst being really fucked up (if you understand my nancy reagan) my favourite flashback was when Ely Moyal split a drum stick half way down (I don't even know how you do that) and he threw it into the non-existent crowd. This absolute fucking hero got there before me and bent it just enough to wear it like antennae and danced for the rest of the gig with the clear intent of dislocating every joint in his body.

They are one of the high points of Western civilisation.

I am not worthy of Trumans Water and neither are you.

A double LP released on Elemental Records in 1993 with a CD version two years later. Naturally I bought both of them at the time.

C'mon get in the car, we're gonna kill the California girls.


pooper 4 June 2020 at 19:07  

hugely and seriously important, then the what the fuck bizzaro godspeed records happened. i shit twice and died when they told me they used one of my photos for the cover of Apistogramma. untouchable.