Earlier, I mentioned that we were trying to find alternate ways for people to support Noella and Joe. Obviously nothing will make up for the emotional impact of having to close Issues but even small amounts of cash will help absorb some of the financial impact for them and the people that worked there (not to mention their suppliers).

Apparently, American type people can use an app called Venmo and use your mobile to send money their way [ their Venmo is @issuesshop ], being a non-American type person I'm not familiar with it but you might be. You can also send money via Paypal [ ] but be sure to mark it as a gift and then Paypal don't take a cut and all of your donation will go directly to them.

Also, Misanthropic Agenda have recently reissued Psychic Stress Soundtracks as a Double LP ... distribution in Europe is being handled here so will lessen the shipping costs. I have the original CD released on Antifrost ‎in 2005 and frankly, it's a beautiful piece of work.

As Mrs Inside rightly said recently, if you have ever considered the need to donate money to us then please don't. We don't want your money. We use our own resources doing this because we want to and we enjoy it. Instead, give it to Noella and Joe or think of an artist that you admire and go and buy something directly from them.

We obviously know that the world is ready for the final flush and money is really tight but genuinely any amount will help ... and, don't forget, with every dollar bill you're also sending a little bit of love and respect as well.