Bastro - Diablo Guapo

A year later, Roland was replaced by an actual drummer ... John McEntire who frankly is a proper legend. He left My Dad Is Dead to join Bastro ffs ... I'm really hoping to pull all of these threads together at the end. Anyway, John (being a human and all that, with arms and legs and other moveable parts) adds a massive propulsive force and a subtle counterpoint to the release ... that has never seen the light of day since. To save you some time, I certainly don't count the half-arsed Drag City CD from 2005 that combined this with the Sing release ... it didn't have all of the tracks included ... apart from kerching, what is the point in that? Yeah, no point at all ... "fun fact" again ... on 'Flesh-Colored House', William Bennett (has no dick) plays the drill (although I think that might be an in-joke, it sounds like guitar string being abused). Just fact ... the drummer on the final track "Shoot Me A Deer" is Britt Walford who was in Squirrel Bait and later Slint. Nobody is credited on the 7" I posted so it seems fair to assume that he was the drummer on that single. There is some marvelous trumpet abuse on Guapo ... no idea if it's the same horn abusers as on the previous example.

Released on Homestead Records in 1989. I bought the LP ... and then the CD ... this is the CD.

Genius. Simple.


Anonymous,  25 May 2020 at 05:20