Maria Zerfall - Zarah Zerfall

Maria Zerfall destroying and rebuilding the work of Zarah Leander (aka the Swedish actress and chanteuse Sara Stina Hedberg who was apparently renowned in the mid-20th century). I'm not convinced that this was recorded around the time of the release and is much earlier but I'm not sure. Does anyone know where Christine went?

12" released by Membrum Debile Propaganda in 2000.

Zarah Zerfall 33

Well, I've gotta say I'm seriously impressed and grateful to Pueppi Perle who is swiftly becoming a bit of a ledge. Mine's a 33rpm rip and I never noticed so he sent the 45rpm as it was originally intended.

Zarah Zerfall 45


Pueppi Perle,  3 May 2020 at 17:58  

The 12inch platter was digitalized at the wrong speed ;)
Here's my re'recording' / 45 rpm instead of 33.
Anyway a big thanks to you for the muzak.
Pueppi Perle