va - Lieber Zuviel Als Zuwenig (ZickZack Sommerhits 81)

It's May, so summer is almost here! This absolute classic compilation LP of angular, raw post-punk from the Zickzack label (which was sort of the German analog to Rough Trade or Factory Records) is your soundtrack for thinking about going to the beach but actually staying at home far away from other people. Songs by Abwarts, Front, Die Todlische Doris, Saal 2, Andy Giorbino, Kosmonautenraum, Einstuerzende Neubauten, Palais Schaumberg, X-Mal Deutschland, Die Raiderer, Die Wirtschaftwunder, Freiwillige Selbkontrolle, Vielleichtors, Die Zimmermanner, Nachdenkliche Wehrpflichtige (a sort of Zickzack supergroup featuring Frieder Buztmann, Albert Oehlen and members of Malaria! & Einsteurzende Neubauten), Aus Lauter Liebe (I think their song is a Police cover, it's hard to tell... but with trash can lids instead of drums) and Falsche Fahnen/Andreas Dorau. Some of these bands have gone on to relative commercial success, others have remained strange and obscure. All are worth checking out.

va - Lieber Zuviel Als Zuwenig (ZickZack Sommerhits 81)


Pueppi Perle,  1 May 2020 at 07:40  

Thank you for this ZickZack compilation!

Some copies had a bonus 7inch single.
'Regular edition of this releases came without the single. The single "Happy New Wave" was released by the fake label Zwickzwack with cat# 'ZwickZwack 1'. The artist names are not to be found neither on the cover nor the label. Produced anonymously by Xao Seffcheque. Side one has an advertisement to a fictional sampler, with excerpts from Mittagspause, DAF, Abwärts, Palais Schaumburg, Wirtschaftswunder and more. On side two is a parody conversation between a customer and a shop assistant in a record shop. With short pieces of music.'

The track by 'Aus lauter Liebe' uses the chorus of 'Message In A Bottle' by Police, but mutated/mutilated.

If you like to hear the bonus single, here's a link
(please delete this, if it's not allowed to post DL-links in comments):

Best wishes
Pueppi Perle

Anonymous,  2 May 2020 at 17:07  

super cool