Bomb - Lucy In The Sky With Desi

Firstly, if you get the Lucille Ball reference then congratulations for still being alive.

As distribution networks began to strengthen In Europe during the late '80s, you started to get things like this... American freakrock bands with a few releases in the US given conveniently curated compilations for the European market. Bomb were a great band from San Francisco who were around between 87 and 90. There was an album in 1992 but this coincided with the time that the corporates realised that there might be money to be made in "shit the weird kids listened to" and started hoovering bands up looking for cows to milk. By this time, Bomb were done and angel-dusted ... a great ride whilst it lasted. Plenty more from them if this tickles your trout ...

I bought the LP released on Tupelo Recording Company in 1990. This is the CD from the same year that has five extra tracks.

the girl that i miss is just me in a dress. sometimes i wish that i had a trans-sister


FiveGunsWest 21 May 2020 at 19:59  

I've played in many different bands with Michael Dean over the years. Prior to Love Fed Hate we had a band called Jill The Witch. We later switched and played under the Bomb name. Both Michael and I can't remember if we ever played a gig with that line up but I spoke with someone the other day who swears we played at the Kennel Club on Divisadero St. in SF.

The band hadn't shot their wad. Warner Brothers forced Bill Laswell on the band as producer. He was a horrible jerk who was completely disinterested in the bad. He said he'd never heard of us and that he did it because he needed the money. Warner's also signed the band to keep them from being competition to other bands on the roster. They shelved the album, didn't promote it at all, and no money was made. The use of the band name itself was lost to the band. Bill Laswell's production sucked sh!t through a cocktail straw and he's a prick. I loved him prior to that.

Michael and I went on to play music in another band in LA. Our CL ad said we just had to play, even though we were old men and rock was a young man's game. Our ad subject line was Fuck Getting Signed. Still guitarists would show up thinking it was a joke. If PR interest was shown we were out the door. Great to see this out there. I hope it's not fucked up like our version is.

Hope everyone is well and as comfortable as can be.


Plague 21 May 2020 at 23:13  

Saw them a few times as an opener.
Can't say I remember a goddamned thing about them tho

Nexist 22 May 2020 at 05:53  

The show was in syndication, so if you were able to watch TV prior to 1995 or so, you could have caught the Lucille Ball reference. Not being defensive, and not complaining about those damn kids on my lawn.

And thank you for all your hard work.

badgerstump 22 May 2020 at 10:34  

@ FiveGunsWest

thanks so much for the extra detail, I had genuinely always wondered what happened. I should have figured it had something to do with Bill Laswell ... he used to make interesting music a long time ago but then developed an unearthly talent to turn everything he touched to shit.

... but Warners and Laswell? all you needed was War and Pestilence to turn up and the Four Horsemen are ready to ride out.

FiveGunsWest 22 May 2020 at 19:16  


What a refreshingly candid comment. I totally agree. I loved a lot of the stuff Laswell did with Material and Bootsy but you are so right about his unearthly talent. I think that comes of one believing his own hype.

Michael Dean still is kicking out albums from his farm in Wyoming...I believe it's album 44 this week. Here's his link:

Me, I played with many people and bands including Johnny Thunders before his death, Dee Dee Ramone, The Hollow Men, and here's a video with me from the Ophelias. I am the 1st musician you see and they spell my name wrong. My name is Ruben then. I am also Dresden Black. I am the very short haired guy in a band who were drifting towards hippie-dom in the time of punk. I always played with weird bands though, looking for that velvet glove in a chain mail fist....see The Slow is the Ophs. and the Slow Poisoners. Enjoie!! Thank you everyone.

Plague 23 May 2020 at 00:02  

You gotta remember Badger, Warners signed the goddamned Boredoms around then as well.
I was friends with the A&R guy and I pretty much think he just signed shit to see how long it would take to get fired...