right about now...


mjy,  31 May 2020 at 20:15  

was feeling optimistic here across the pond because for a few days, most of the press coverage was on the side of the protests, more so than I can ever recall from the past. sadly it's now devolved into the usual "but why are they smashing everything??" and the real issue moves to second place.

Mrs. Inside 2 June 2020 at 11:03  

that's the wrong question. not "why are they smashing everything", but "who is smashing everything"? there is a well-coordinated (and documented!) effort by white nationalists and even videos and many reports of police who are instigating violence and arson at peaceful protests. My friend was shot point blank with rubber bullets and then tear gassed while marching peacefully. That's happening to a lot of people.

It's also true that black americans are justifiably furious about being murdered by police with impunity - https://mappingpoliceviolence.org/unarmed
If black americans who protest police brutality peacefully (colin kaepernick) are called disrespectful, black americans who respond to centuries of racist treatment with anger and protests are said to have crossed a line... what options are there? how do white people get to tell black people the CORRECT way to oppose police brutality? RAGE explodes in every direction when oppressed people run out of options. personally, i don't think that businesses are worth more than human lives. a building can be rebuilt, a window can be repaired, a wall can e repainted... but an unarmed black man cannot be brought back to life after yet another policeman murders him, a black woman brought back to life after being shot dead by cops in her home in the middle of the night, a black man who was out jogging brought back to life after being lynched. so i don't care about looting. looting is a symptom. white racists and cops are the problem.