Son of Earth - Carhole

Pleasantly unpolished basement rumble by the trio of Matt Krefting, Aaron Rosenblum, and John Shaw (Magik Markers).

Son of Earth - Carhole


va - Your Daily Buzz

Lasse Marhaug and K2 each contribute a track made out of the other's sounds, then several tracks by a duo of MSBR and Cartesian Faith


Rainbow Blanket With Brian Miller / This Song Is A Mess But So Am I

C20 released in September 2004. Superior blown out unrock and collapsing techno noise-opera bounce.

Deathbomb Arc Tape Club Year One: Month 1

Deathbomb Arc ran three years of a monthly subscription tape club before switching to a Digital Singles Club which is available via their Bandcamp page.

September 2004


Quem Quaeritis / Djin Teeth

C20 released in October 2004. Fuzz n roll and fedback sea shanty jazz burp.

Deathbomb Arc Tape Club Year One: Month 2

October 2004


Celesteville / Toxic Loincloth

C20 released in November 2004. Broken homemade electronics and surf bontempi post-punk.

Deathbomb Arc Tape Club Year One: Month 3

November 2004


Yuma Nora / Debaser

C20 released in December 2004. Muffled electronic beats and percussion driven teenage jerkery.

Deathbomb Arc Tape Club Year One: Month 4

December 2004


D Yellow Swans / Sex With Girls

C20 released in January 2005. Yellow Swans and plunderphonic crunk.

Deathbomb Arc Tape Club Year One: Month 5

January 2005


House 1 & 2 / Minmae

C20 released in February 2005. Harsh tidal lightning bolt noise and brokeass basement rock clatter.

Deathbomb Arc Tape Club Year One: Month 6

February 2005


Micose and the Mau Maus / Boozle Bam

C20 released in March 2005. Splendid chaos.

Deathbomb Arc Tape Club Year One: Month 7

March 2005


David Semien / Total Recall

C20 released in April 2005. Broken underwater loops and tones and Warp(ed) bass driven snapped crackling doom.

Deathbomb Arc Tape Club Year One: Month 8

April 2005


Anavan / Atole

C20 released in May 2005. Sly '80s post-punk disco bounce and a continually disintegrating electro nightmare.

Deathbomb Arc Tape Club Year One: Month 9

May 2005


Grace's Amazing Kitty Cat Band / Danyyys

C20 released in June 2005. Slow motion Einstürzende Swans shaman vibe and dreamy Casio Gameboy rock.

Deathbomb Arc Tape Club Year One: Month 10

June 2005


Miguel Mendez / Moth Drakula

C20 released in July 2005. Overdriven country rock and quality rumbling feedback noise.

Deathbomb Arc Tape Club Year One: Month 11

July 2005


Anni Rossi / Mae Shi

C20 released in August 2005 featuring Anni Rossi and The Mae Shi. Twisted lo-fi plink-plonk and degraded electronic punk squawk.

Deathbomb Arc Tape Club Year One: Month 12

August 2005


Stereolab ‎- Eaten Horizons Or The Electrocution Of Rock

This is an extraordinary LP released in an edition of only 130 copies (30 of which went to the band members). It features previously unreleased demos giving us a peek into a rougher unpolished Steroelab.

Released on En/Of in 2007.

Eaten Horizons Or The Electrocution Of Rock


Stereolab ‎- Cobra And Phases Group Play Voltage In The Milky Night

I'm coming out! I admit it, I am an inverted snob! There, I've said it. But, do you know that feeling you get when people you hate start liking the bands that you love? It somehow becomes the bands fault? Well that happened for me with Stereolab. They started to become "popular" (in strictly relative terms) and they ended up being one of my guilty secrets where I would listen to them in private with the curtains closed. Well, now is the time to declare my unending love of Stereolab and it feels good!

Formed around the core of Tim Gane and Laetitia Sadier, this also features Morgane Lhote, Mary Hansen, Simon Johns, Sean O'Hagan (of Microdisney and The High Llamas), John McEntire (of My Dad Is Dead, Bastro, Gastr Del Sol, Tortoise, etc), Jim O'Rourke (who also handles a lot of the recording and production duties) and a host of people on Strings and Brass. It was originally released on their own Duophonic label as a Double LP and CD in 1999.

It always was and remains an example of absolute aural perfection.

Cobra And Phases Group Play Voltage In The Milky Night


Butthole Surfers - Hairway To Steven

This is the vinyl version that I was talking about! The first track (Jimi) is ripped at 45rpm. It was probably recorded this way as an in-joke but good god it works. If you only have the CD version then you will have never heard it before. It is right up there as one of my favourite Butthole's tracks. Acid-fried majesty!

Thanks to Xtm for sorting this out for me ... I want to have your children!

Hairway To Steven



I've got some time off work and have done what any right minded person would do! I've been listening to the entire Butthole Surfers oeuvre. That is easy for me to do because I own everything that they have released and plenty that they haven't released.

I have a problem. The first track of the vinyl version of Hairway to Steven was meant to be played at 45rpm (the rest of the LP is at 33rpm). The subsequent CD re-releases have Jimi as a 12 minute number. I have everything the Surfers released on vinyl and bought all of the re-releases on CD. I was completely thrown by the fact that the CD version is not a patch on the 45 LP version.

My turntable is broke +

Has anybody ripped the 1st track of the LP in 45rpm so that everyone can hear the best track that they ever recorded?


Culver / E.H.I. - Split

Lee Stokoe and Brian Noring on a C90 released on Brian's FDR Tapes in 1996.

Culver / E.H.I.


Culver / Enigma Analogico - Split

Lee Stokoe's unmistakable Culver project in an early adventure with the mysterious Enigma Analogico.

"E.A. isn't a real musical band - it's just a ghost changing its name as a stupid joke. For this project it means Analogic Enigma. This tapework has been assembled in the practice room of EX C.I.M. on 27-May-96 by 6 different hearts - minds - tongues - 12 eyes, ears and hands... "

C86 released on Italy's Cadenced Noise in 1997.

Culver / Enigma Analogico