Diza Star & The Pink Ladies Blues - 3

Sprawling psychedelic glissando guitar tethered to a swamp blues rhythm section that slides into alien synth and space rock. Suits me sir!

LP released on Fractal Records in 2007 (although there was a CDr reissue that slipped out relatively unnoticed in 2014).

Big thanks again to Ivangov for both of the Diza's.



Diza Star & The Pink Ladies Blues - Featuring Mani Neumeier

Magic Aum Gigi (aka Jérôme Genin) and Tsuchy with Mai Mai (aka Mai Xiao Guo Da Shi) and Mani Neumeier. Acidguruguru styled shaman rock.

CD released on Fractal Records in 2007.

Featuring Mani Neumeier


Acid Mothers Temple SWR, Manitatsu, Mani Neumeier & Kawabata Makoto, Zoffy, Akaten, AcidMothersGuruGuru - Guru Guru Fest 2012

Courtesy of our Belarusian division, we can now hear this little gem!

Thanks to Ivangov!


Splendor Mystic Solis - Heavy Acid Blowout Tensions Live

Asahito Nanjo, Makoto Kawabata, Plastic Crimewave (aka Steve Krakow), former Ruins bassist Sasaki Hisashi and Acid Mothers drummer Shimura Koji. Three live recordings from a North American tour in 1999. The title gives the clue to the psychedelic rock excesses that await.

LP jointly released on Galactic Zoo Disk and Eclipse Records in 2003.

Heavy Acid Blowout Tensions Live


Galax - Never Ending Space Trackin'

Hiroshi Hasegawa (aka Astro), Hiroshi Higashi (Acid Mothers) and Keiichi Miyashita (who was in GodMan and Mandog). Space-psych recorded live at three Japanese venues during 2006.

CD released on the late and much lamented aRCHIVE in 2007.

Never Ending Space Trackin'


Dare Devil Band - 猪武者

Dare Devil Band were Makoto Kawabata, Atsushi Tsuyama and Shoji Hano. Whilst the latter was the drummer with High Rise, the style is more in keeping with his improvisations with Peter Brötzmann.

CD released on P.S.F. Records in 2003. There was an early edition that came with a bonus CDr with one untitled track on it. Never heard that one ... if anybody could help out etc ...


According to Discogs, 猪武者 was recorded live at Hard Rain, Osaka on March the 25th, 2003 and at Club East, Kyoto two days later. The dates are probably the other way around ... here's the full Kyoto gig:

Live at Club East, Kyoto, 25.03.2003


Atsushi Tsuyama - Sampler Tape Cassette

Now, here's a strange thing. A collection of Atsushi Tsuyama related projects: Atsushi Tsuyama and Chikako Hidaka; Omoide Hatoba Live at Bears, Osaka; Akaten Live at Reithalle, Berne; Tairiku Otoko vs Sanmyaku Onna; Live at "Hoya in F", Tokyo; Live at Tokuzo, Nagoya and Happiness Proof. You'd be forgiven for thinking that this was just a mixtape put together by Joe Bloggs in his bedroom somewhere ... and then you get to the end of the tape and Chikako Hidaka thanks you "for hearing the end of this tape" and explains that Atsushi Tsuyama is available for tours all over the world. That sounds pretty genuine to me. It seems that this was a promotional tape sent out in 1999 ... all of the titles and personnel are listed in the files ... make of it what you will.

Sampler Tape Cassette


Silvum - Repeats

Released in 2007 by a label called Afferent, which might be Silvum's own label after RLE but I'm not certain. Edition of 30 copies.

Silvum - Repeats


Atsushi Tsuyama - 御祝

Another tour CDr in an envelope generically used for the presentation of wedding gifts. The "information" for this on discogs really couldn't be much more wrong. It was for sale in 2002 (and not "on an early 1990s Acid Mothers Temple tour" which actually predates AMT) and the track-list is accurate here (confirmed by the hand-written information in the scans). Anyway, it's really really great!

Thank you for good choice!


Atsushi Tsuyama - Do You Delay?

Whilst central to the Acid Mothers family, Atsushi Tsuyama has also made wonderful music as a member of the likes of Akaten, Nishinihon, Omoide Hatoba, Ruinzhatova and Seikazoku. This is recorded live in Nagoya in 2010 and clearly this is not a solo gig. However, there is no information on the release regarding the other people here. That's a shame as the contributors to the lovely swirling psychedelics and general lunacy deserve full credit. Quality!

Self-released CDr from 2010.

Do You Delay?


Kawabata vs. Tsuyama - Rock Is War 2000 - Freak Out Battle In Chicago 1st.Dec.2000

Two solo performances that wouldn't really fall under the "war" or "freak out" category. They are more considered and almost ambient pieces ... that is until the second half of Makoto Kawabata's set where he seems to loop his guitar sound with increasingly cacophonous results.

CDr released on Acid Mothers Temple in 2001.

Rock Is War 2000


Acid Mothers Temple SWR, Manitatsu, Acid Mothers Guru Guru - Guru Guru Fest 2010

A wonderfully warped set of recordings captured live at Chaotic Noise in 2010. There is at least one other Guru Guru Fest recording but I've never heard it (them?). If anybody could address that awful deficit, I'd really appreciate it!

CD released on Chaotic Noise Recordings in 2010.

Guru Guru Fest 2010


Guru & Zero - Makoto Mango

Lysergic delights await on a single 48 minute track that really allows the three to open up and flow.

CD jointly released on Swordfish Records and Quiet Season (a sub-label of Riot Season created just for this release) in 2004.

Makoto Mango


Guru & Zero - Beauty And The Basket Case

Tripped-out space-folk-rock from Kawabata Makoto, Cotton Casino and former Soft Machine and Gong front-man Daevid Allen.

Beauty And The Basket Case


Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - 馬上中國 The Unlimited Dream Cloister

A live set recorded at “AMT Fest vol.11″ in Tokuzo, Nagoya on the 8th of December, 2012. This was originally intended to coincide with a tour of China that never actually went ahead. Instead it was sold during the Mothers' North American tour in 2014 and Makoto Kawabata's solo sojourn in Europe of the same year.

CD released on FM3 Productions Ltd in 2014.

馬上中國 The Unlimited Dream Cloister


Silvum - Suspension

A short, piano-based album released as a CDR by RLE in a larger-than-usual edition of 80 copies.

Silvum - Suspension


Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO - Interstellar Guru And Zero

Acid Mothers as the four-piece of Hiroshi Higashi, Kawabata Makoto, Tsuyama Atsushi and Shimura Koji. Two tracks including the epic title track that comes in at 39 minutes long!

CD released Homeopathic Records in 2008.

Interstellar Guru And Zero


Silvum - Strands

Another from 2006, also released in a numbered edition of 20 copies. This one is dedicated to Toru Takemitsu.

Silvum - Strands


Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - Birmingham Flapper & Firkin May 29th 2001

This is a soundboard recording of the gig in the title that was then given away as a free CDr at their gig at the same venue on October 13th 2013. What a nice thing to do!

Thanks For Coming!


Silvum - Separation Relic

Self-released CDR from 2006, in a numbered edition of just 20 copies. Silvum dedicated this one to the Japanese dark psychedelic band Kousokuya.

Silvum - Separation Relic