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It's Romain Perrot on four C60s on the 50th release from Phage Tapes. It appeared in 2009 in an edition of 50.

What else could you possibly need to know?

Tape One
Tape Two
Tape Three
Tape Four


Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck - Idiot.loch

Album made to sell on a European tour in 2004, released in three editions with different covers. Released on the artist's own Hate Operation(tm) label as a CDR.

Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck - Idiot.loch


Dead Machines - Plays Tales From The Darkside

This is the last of the Plays film series that I can post at the moment. It's a CDr released on American Tapes in 2006 in an edition of 30. What can I say...it's Dead Machines...it's really great...go figure!

It's AM508 btw.

Plays Tales From The Darkside


Dead Machines - Plays Vampyr

This is a CDr released on American Tapes in 2006. It was only available on a tour during that year and there were only eight copies made. 28 minutes of solid gold ...

It's AM603 btw.

Plays Vampyr


Dead Machines - Plays Kwaidan

Originally released as a damn fine 7" single on Ideal Recordings in 2007. John re-released this with a CDr of additional material on American Tapes in 2009.

It's AM736 btw.

Plays Kwaidan


Dead Machines - Plays Invasion Of The Body Snatchers

Single-sided LP released on Arbor in 2009. John and Tovah Olson manage to capture the alien intent of the protagonists before ending in a great locked groove that has been allowed to run for a couple of minutes before ending rather abruptly.

Plays Invasion Of The Body Snatchers


Giancarlo Toniutti - The Early Tapes Period

Three LP and bonus 10" box-set that brings together the Wechselwirkung, Metánárkōsis and Das Todesantlitz tapes from 1982 and 1983. Released on Vinyl-on-demand in 2009.

Purely for my own convenience, I've uploaded these in two parts. You'll need to extract them to the same folder for it to work.

Part 1

Part 2


John Hudak ‎- Don't Worry About Anything, I'll Talk To You Tomorrow

This is the original release which spawned the extra material that grew into the compilation posted below. At 55 minutes long, this is something that you can completely sink into ...

This was the first release on Kevin Wienke's Alluvial Recordings in 1998.

Don't Worry About Tomorrow


John Hudak - Helene Marie: Reinterpretations

I'm better off leaving this to the label's original press release:

"When John Hudak recorded the "Don't Worry About Anything; I'll Talk To You Tomorrow" compact disk for Alluvial in early 1998, through a series of events, we ended up in possession of an extra piece. We had always intended to release it in some format but remained unsure how to use it. We approached John with the idea of presenting the piece to other composers, many of whom we had in mind prior to raising the idea with John. Upon receiving John's OK, we set about sending it to the composers we chose and a couple of John's choosing. The project ended up taking a lot longer than anticipated. It was well worth the wait. The original track, the source material, is the first track heard. This is followed by Jason Lescalleet. Jason created a shifting, moving tapestry of sounds with beautiful ebb and flow. Marc Behrens uses his signature, understated approach to create a piece full of layers with focus on the nuances of tiny sounds. Sukora's contribution uses small sounds that are almost imperceptible with periods of near silence. Peter Duimelinks explores the extremes of the original by focusing on the highest frequencies and lowest, bassy rumbles. These are blended with a gentle rhythmic pulse that is easier felt than heard. John himself created yet another rich soundscape that is hard to imagine having been coaxed from the original. Francisco López approaches his track with a violent furor that culminates with stark silence. Eric Lanzillotta pays homage to an earlier phase of John's work from his days using the analogue tape. His piece rumbles steadily along and crushes the original beyond recognition. Frans de Waard presents a piece varied with buzzes and whirling sounds compacted into so many layers. The final statement is from Leif Elggren. It sounds as though he ran the original backwards in layers. It is accented with loud, piercing blasts of static interference. The variety over the two compact disks is exactly what one would hope for from a project of this scope. It is varied, confrontational and cohesive. This is a beautiful statement that compliments what John does best - single-minded, gentle soundscapes that are deeply personal and peaceful. John's compositions set a calm, serene mood for the listener. Fans of his style will not be disappointed."

Great double CD set released on Alluvial Recordings in 2002.




Climax Denial / Discordance / Human Larvae / Moribund / Sewer Goddess / Sharpwaist

In 2010, Phage Tapes released this collection of six C10s as their 100th release. Very fitting. Very Good. Indeed.

And buy from the label on discogs!

Phage 100


Various - Det Totala Raggarkriget

Sweden's finest on a C70 jointly released by Chefsideologens Bolag ‎and Raggartapes. I can't tell you anything about the labels. The A Side is Alfarmania, Broken Lights, Händer Som Vårdar and Treriksröset. The B Side is uncredited. It sounds like something Tommy Carlsson might do ... anyway, I don't know ... let's make it up and start a rumour!

Det Totala Raggarkriget


Various ‎- Slutstationen

This is a C90 released on Styggelse this year. That should be enough for you to know that you need this. If you need more convincing: Puce Mary, Alfarmania, Händer Som Vårda, Shift, Arv & Miljö and Treriksröset are only a few of the people here. If that isn't enough, apologise in the comments and jog on!



va - Epidemic

Double-cassette compilation of oppressive death-industrial noise and grimy power electronics. It was released in 2004 on Truculent Recordings, the 00's label run by Jeff Plummer / Immaculate:Grotesque.

tape 1
tape 2


Dr. G & Jean Street - Live In Detroit

Dr. Gretchen Musical Weightlifting Program were Gretchen Gonzales and John Olson and are duly presented alongside Nate Young. Given to the world on CDr by American Tapes (well, given to 35 people) in 2000.

It's AM COLLAB 17 btw.

Live In Detroit


Dr. GMWP - Lies By Night

Dr. Gretchen Musical Weightlifting Program on a CDr released on American Tapes in an edition of 12 in the year of our lord two thousand and one.

It's AM176 btw.

Lies By Night


Spykes - The Water Gallows

Solo awkwardness by John Olson, again flexing his negative-space muscles with jagged tones and defiantly unresolved non-structures. This is free improvisation at its most truly free, genuinely unstable and likely to move in any direction moment-to-moment. That quality sets Spykes (and most everything that Olson plays on) miles apart from all those well-funded and palatable improv festival circuit whores who "improvise" but take care that their freedom is predictable enough to get them invited back to the next relatively-lucrative gig. John Olson's improv doesn't try to be likable or even conventionally satisfying. It's a good thing he's a prolific as he is, because no one else makes music like this. A numbered edition of 30 copies on American Tapes from 2005.

Spykes - The Water Gallows


Graveyards - Grave Tour/Live Frying at Hell's 4/29/09

A home rehearsal improvisation by John Olson, Ben Hall, and Hans Beutow, released in a typically small edition on American Tapes in 2009.

Graveyards - Grave Tour/Live Frying at Hell's 4/29/09


Graveyards - Live Afternoons Inside @ The Histories of Your Choice

Painted and collaged box containing two CDRs and a cassette with posters and wadded up newspaper (I scanned the posters, not the newspaper). Numbered edition of 30 copies from 2009, catalog # AM838 for all you collector nerds. 


Graveyards - Duo

Ben Hall and John Olson on a C16 released on American Tapes in 2000 in an edition of eighteen.

It's AM128 btw.



The Fountain Of Youth - Plays The East Lansing Folk Festival

C30 released on American Tapes in 2003 in an edition of 15. The Fountain Of Youth is (inevitably) the work of the lovely John Olson.

It's AM298 btw.

Plays The East Lansing Folk Festival