Lidless Eye - Blue Perfume

This is the work of Knox Mitchell. For fifteen or more years, a stalwart of the American school of build your own electronics at home and then fuck about with it.

A self-released C68 from 2013. It came in an edition of five so you might have missed it.

Blue Perfume


Kommissar Hjuler und Mama Baer & Ninni Morgia And Silvia Kastel - Two Couples

A person could make a fool of themselves trying to describe the machinations of der Kommissar und Mama, so I'll leave that one to you. Ninni and Silvia are people that I have been meaning to post for such a long time. They create beautiful work, especially as Control Unit (not that one).

An LP released on Silvia's Ultramarine in 2011.

a squared circle


The G.I. & The Spykes - Ambushed By Magnetic Tape Haterz

It's that man Olson from a long time back. Erm ... just fucking hell yes. That'll be the description done then.

A C52 relaesed on American Tapes in 1999. It's Am75 btw.

taperz gonna tape


Jojo Hiroshige - Kimi Ga Shinette Ieba Shinu Kara

It's Jojo with his guitar and amps ... more than plenty

CD released on his Alchemy Records in 1997.

you were perverted too


Anemone Tube / Dissecting Table - This Dismal World

I really like the work of Stefan Hanser. I posted some of his Anemone Tube tapes about ten years ago to almost complete apparent indifference. So, erm yeah, fuck you! Ichiro Tsuji needs less of an introduction to all you hipster types. So, what's all this about then?

"This Dismal World is a dark concept album about the ‘Four Nobel Truths’ – the central teachings of Buddhism explaining the nature of suffering (dukkha). Legendary cult industrial act Dissecting Table from Japan and Germany’s dark ambient/industrial project Anemone Tube join forces to perambulate the stony path of the four noble truths: suffering, its causes, the possibility of its cessation and how it can be overcome. With the use of field recordings exclusively made in a mausoleum in China in 2007, Anemone Tube gains insight into the first truth of suffering, the impermanency of all forms of life and the inevitableness of death. “In The Mausoleum“ is a dark industrial epic conjuring up a sinister, threatening atmosphere. With the crushing power-electronics track “From Anthropocentrism To Demonocentrism”, based on field recordings made in buddhist temples in Nanjing and Shanghai, Anemone Tube consequentially confronts the listener with the origin of man`s craving for sense-pleasures and self-perpetuating egocentrism. Dissecting Table`s monumental industrial track “1000 Tones“ is dedicated to the 1000-armed Guanyin – being known as the goddess of compassion to save beings from suffering and ignorance. Almost like a self-mortification Dissecting Table is reciting the complete 25th Lotus Sutra about The Universal Gate of Bodhisattva Kanzeon (“the perceiver of the world`s lamentations”). Accompanying with ritual drumming, diverse analogue treatments and deep growls, Dissecting Table creates a threnody for today’s dejected world."

Released as vinyl on Peripheral Records in 2013. This is the C42 released on Black Horizons. Same year.

worn-out places, worn-out faces


Nut Screamer - Cedar Point Is Lord

"Cedar Point Is Lord was recorded on July 15th 1993 during the Noise Fest '93. It is essentially a field recording at Cedar Point amusement park made by Steveggs on a portable recorder. It consists of Steveggs, Billy Nocera (of Razorback Records) and friends Mike Duncan (of Black Mayonnaise) and Roach yelling obscenities, profanities, screams and obnoxious jokes over noise from riding roller coasters. Side B features a special unreleased grind/noise jam done by Steveggs."

A C92 released on Stupidity Records in 1993 in an edition of meh.

my sweaty lord


Akira Sakata - 20人格 = 20 Personalities / Akira Sakata Sings

Akira Sakata is a giant of Japanese jazz across decades ... from the early flowing recordings to the later embrace of Jazz Hijokaidan and the works with Jim O'Rourke and etc and so forth.

Here he shows that he is a man that shouts at people in passing cars. That is an approach to the general populace that I entirely approve of!

As a whole, this is just magnificent ... equal parts hallelujah, wtf and laugh out loud funny (frequently at the same time). His scat take on good ole Bing is just gold ... slip that one into your festive playlists.

Originally released on Better Days as an LP in 1980. This is the CD reissue from 1993.



Pink Chunk - Abstracted Bar

Daniel Dlugosielski and John Olson in their much-feted non-jazz Jazz Band.

A double tape set from 2013 released on American Tapes in an edition of 40. It's AM939 btw.

"Live @ The Abstracted Bar, Fall Sessions"


General Assurance - Abundancia En Su Vida

The indefatigable John Olson.

C56 released on American Tapes in 2008. It's AM730 btw.

calling occupants of interplanatery craft


Philosophy Of Knives - Violent Death To Rapist Scum

Couldn't agree more. A pleasing miasma of noise / PE / grind rage.

It repeats on both sides and still only comes in as a C14. Fusty Cunt. 2012.

may your suffering be eased in retribution


Dissecting Table – Death Is Deaf To My Wailings

Ichiro Tsuji is an icon that has been active for nearly 40 years. For quite a while now, his output is almost exclusively self-released and highly limited. Keeping track can be a full time job ... but when it's this good, it's worth it.

A double CDr set on his own UPD Organization from 2020. An edition of 15.

for ruby


Deterge - Gestation

There's a bloke called Steve that runs Industrial Coast and he is a shining beacon on this stinking isle. I always go to gorp even if I can't justify the wrath of hungry cats by buying everything. A few days ago, I got five Fusty Cunt tapes from him at a lovely price. It will take me a while to get around to listening to them, never mind sorting a decent rip.

However, it's always a good time to remind people that Fusty is a stunningly good (harsh) noise label. It's run by Jim Haras. He records as Deterge. I love him. Here's one he prepared earlier.

A three tape set on Fusty Cunt from 2013.

will you keep it, will you keep yourself


Various - Foundation Stones: The Stunned Box

I was, and still am, in love with Stunned Records. The entire catalogue is wonderful.

Between 2008 and 2011, Philip and Myste French ran that label with impeccably high standards from packaging to extraordinarily good artwork and then you move on to the range of artists and approaches. Just WOW. I only found them about half way through and bought everything that I could get hold of. Given that it was a small tape / CDr label based in Long Beach, California (with no discernible European distro around), it took a bit of work to track the releases.

It was around this time that they moved to Portland, Oregan before ceasing operations with their 137th release in 2011. There was a 138th release in 2019 but it's really not part of the canon.

Here you will find Eureka (aka William Giacchi who was also in Super Minerals amongst others), Ear And Throat (their only release), Rambutan (aka Eric Hardiman who was also in Burnt Hills, Century Plants and more and runs Tape Drift Records), Metal Rouge, Sleepwalkers Local 242 (which, whilst being a great name in its own right, is the work of Grant Capes who was in (VxPxC), Thousands etc), SMGSAP (Shea M Gauer and Scott A. Peterson, geddit?), Plankton Wat, The Doglands (the work of John Frank who in a completely different guise was in Trotsky Icepick
and Danny and the Doorknobs), The Pistil Cosmos (aka Vincent Caylet who also recorded as "V", Archers By The Sea, Cankun and Thé Déluge as well as within Ruralfaune Collective and Monks Of The Balhill), Sean McCann and Enfer Boréal (aka Maxime Primault who recorded loads of great stuff as Annapurna Illusion, Black Zone Myth Chant, Black Zone One, High Wolf and Kunlun and as Iibiis Rooge with Neil Campbell, with Jani Hirvonen as Saturn Finger and as Voodoo Mount Sister with Alice Dourlen aka Chicaloyoh). That is quite some list of wonderful people ...

Marking their 100th release, this is a six tape retrospective of, even then, out of print releases in a magnificent purpose built vinyl clip case tape box, with gorgeous artwork inside a woolen drawstring crocheted bag. A landmark release courtesy of Stunned Records in 2010.


All links are interchangeable but lean below first to share the load:


Whilst you are waiting for them to download, you could do worse than listen to Enfer Boréal ...


Hijokaidan featuring Nasca Car - Untitled

Yeah. Even ennui runs out of steam. You can't rely on anything these days!

I was really bored with all of this and then started to get bored with being bored and then I thought "this is the finest sign of being a postmodern twat". Unsatisfied with that self-evident truth, I started to wonder "if I disappeared up my own arse for long enough, would I get to see the back of my own teeth?" and then I thought ... *gun shot*

Until recently, this was one of my missing links. Two five minute studio recordings (that surely were intended for a 7" release?) and two 18 minute live sets. It's magnificent and everything that I had hoped it would be before I was able to actually hear it.

A CD on Alchemy Records from 2015.

you're the kind of girl that fits in with my world


Various - Brains On Backwash

I'm in the middle of ripping a big tape set that I have so I can post it here. It's taking a long time. Then I'll post it here on the filehost that I have paid for. I'm fucking broke and would rather be spending my time watching the "new" cats plan their attacks on each other in the back garden. I took in a pregnant stray ... Ruby, thanks for asking ... she gave birth to to five kittens. Sherman only got to 9 months old before some twat in a car killed her. The other four are approaching their first birthday in a couple of weeks. So far, it's a household of 8 (oh, and me). And, I sit here posting a shitload of my time into this void. When you think about it, why the fuck am I doing this shit? I'm actually a big boy and don't need vicarious validation.

I prefer Spike Milligan's eipthath of "I told you that I was ill". My demise will certainly be an 11 month old cat doing love rolls in front of me when I'm trying to safely navigate any environment? Harley btw, thanks for asking. Yeah, Inspector Harley on the staircase with the adorable head ... write that on my tombstone!

Has this really been thirteen and a half years (for me anyway). Most of me is ossifying so I can't blame my mojo for following suit. Don't actually know why I'm saying any of this ... a series of whoop whoop comments won't make any difference just like no comments would make me give anymore of a shit.

In silver cloud news, I'm off to see Swans tomorrow night ... the venue has the support listed as Norman Westbury (dickheads) ... obviously it's Norman Westberg doing his drone guitar thang. A pleasing circle for me as the first time I saw him play was about 35 years ago as a core member of Swans on their Children Of God tour (at the International at the top of Anson Road, still have the ticket somewhere). Blah fucking blah and suchforth

Anyway, this is another quality selection but I would suggest you just crack on.

C90 on 905 Tapes from 2008.

paint it backwash


Various - Brains On Backwash II: Exile On Brain Street

If you listened to the previous 905 post then this will be static because you will have gone straight to the download link.

Otherwise: Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, Mutant Ape, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, Ajilvsga, Andreas Brandal, Century Plants, Expo 70, Being, Teeth Collection & Concrete Arteries and ... c'mon get with the programme.

There's a link right under your nose ... go there. Now.

... before you do ... C90 released on 905 Tapes in 2010.

light in your head and dead on your feet


The Slathered - Roaming Black Bones

This is one of John Olson's singular projects and it's a cracker! Lovely harmonious electro-static scrapings with a core This Island Earth resonance ... this is not one you want to pass up on.

A CDr released on American Tapes in an edition of twelve in 2001.

It's AM220 btw ...

i'm a doctor, not an engineer!


Various - Brains On Backwash III: Backwash To The Future!

This is the third in a series of brilliant tapes that effectively operate as mixtapes. 27 artists / outfits with one work blending into the next to very great effect featuring the likes of Circuit Wound, GX Jupitter-Larsen, Quicksails, Vestigial Limb, Plasmic Formations, M. Geddes Gengras, Jon Lorenz, Ophibre, Red Electric Rainbow and a load more.

C98 released on the great 905 Tapes in 2011.

forward the revolution


The Henry & Hazel Slaughter Experience - Praying Mantis Brain

At the other end of the catalogue (and calm down, it's not the lingerie pages) lies this little jewel from John Olson. Sitting on the message board waiting for the next AmTapes release was frequently a "what do you mean it's gone, I didn't even blink" rollercoaster. Then there was the foreboding that there were only going to be another 15 releases left before the shutters were closed after AM999 (AM1000 was a party and my invite was lost in the post ... still waiting for the apology). Fuck me this is 10 years old. The policemen get younger and everything seems like yesterday ... all hail entropy!

A C52 released on American Tapes in 2013 in an edition of 30.

It's AM984 btw ...

michigan castle magic


Reynols - Sonirdo de lo Mofifero

This is Reynols as a six-piece from the previous century released on what is, I'm pretty sure, our favourite label ever! It's the best scrambled and roaring psychedelia that the finest Argentinian brown peyote can buy ... four warped tracks with the finale being the monumental three quarters of an hour that is Todo lo Solos Marmonio lo Cucu.

A CDr that was the 77th release on American Tapes in 1999.

'scuse me while i kiss the sky