Outermost / Thirdorgan - Silent Baby / Superlovers In Amagasaki

Kei Yokota and Akihiro Shimizu sharing a double CDr set released in a metal box on the latter's Alienation in 1999. If you are partial to wearing a hat, I suggest you hold on to it.

Silent Baby / Superlovers In Amagasaki


Grunt / Outermost - Stab In The Ears

Mikko Aspa and Kei Yokota either side of a C20 released on Kei Yokota's Cat Move in 1995? Yeah, thought so ...

Stab In The Ears


Outermost - Beware Of This And That

3" CDr from 2001.

Beware Of This And That


Outermost - Doku no Hana

Harsh Japanese scum noise from Kei Yokata/Outermost, issued as a tape in an edition of 60 copies by the Labyrinth label in 1998.

Outermost - Doku no Hana


Kuwayama-Kijima - 01.06.16

A constant theme of the work of Kiyoharu Kuwayama & Rina Kijima is the incorporation of the urban venue within their improvisations. This was recorded "at the bottom of the highway at midnight".

Superior illustration of the scope of human imagination released on Trente Oiseaux in 2001.



Kuwayama-Kijima - 01.05.10

CD released on Alluvial Recordings in 2003, ably using the acoustics of the warehouse in which it was recorded.



Kuwayama-Kijima - 02.08.23

Kiyoharu Kuwayama on cello and Rina Kijima on violin, using the sounds created within an abandoned ocean-side pier to create astonishingly atmospheric improvisations.

Released on Bernhard Günter's Trente Oiseaux in 2003.



Egypt Is The Magick # - Egypt Is The Magick #

Self-released C96 from 1998. A series of long spontaneous jams that make me want to get naked, paint myself blue and sit in the woods smoking mushrooms ...

Egypt Is The Magick #


Egypt Is The Magick # - How Many Pieces Of The Puzzle Can The Mind Go Without?

Excellent CD that has more of the psychedelic about it than their other releases. If you enjoy the occasional bad trip ... and who doesn't! There is absolutely no line-up information on the release itself. The disc has "all these numbers to show that solomon worshipped the goddess" written on it ... what else do you need to know?

This was jointly released on NNCK's Sound@One and Psych-O-Path Records ‎in 2000.

How Many Pieces Of The Puzzle Can The Mind Go Without?


Egypt Is The Magick # - The Valentine Process

Ramshackle shaman-folk from a virtually mysterious Californian collective. They centred around Adam Mortimer and David Shuford (aka D. Charles Speer and is a member of No-Neck Blues Band and was in Black Dirt Oak, Enos Slaughter, Les Conversions, Rhyton and The Suntanama). The only information on this line-up is that David Shuford is joined by "Pakhet" and "Atum" (?).

LP released on Mad Monk in 2007.

The Valentine Process


Flatgrey - Untitled

Untitled mini-album of actionless, "wall noise" psychedelic roar from Lashen Orendorff's appropriately-monikered Flatgrey project, issued as a run of 50 one-sided cassettes by Rundownsun in 2006.

Flatgrey - Untitled


Wreck Small Speakers On Expensive Stereos - Worlds Fall Apart

This is one of my favourite tapes. The first track "Together We Sense" manages to represent the greatest Fall aesthetic (Yvonne Pawlett on keyboards, Marc Riley on bass, Karl Burns on drums and Martin Bramah on guitar). But it's obviously not. It's the project of Michael Morley and Richard Ram. The comparison is the greatest compliment that I could possibly offer given that I am one of the biggest Fallheads you could imagine. This clunky chopped up thirty one year old creation should be held up as one of the high points of musical achievement ...

C60 jointly released on Every Secret Thing and Big Bright Thing Cassettes ‎in 1984.

Worlds Fall Apart


Wreck Small Speakers On Expensive Stereos - Cave

Richard Ram on bass, Bruce Blucher on drums, Martin Kean (who was also in The Chills and Stereolab) on guitar and Michael Morly on guitar, organ and vocals. This is an inevitably lo-fi live recording apart from the final track which has the feel of being recorded in a bedroom somewhere, with even the clunk of the record/stop buttons on the tape recorder left in.

C56 jointly released on Every Secret Thing ‎and Art Raith Productions in 1985.



Wreck Small Speakers On Expensive Stereos - River Falling Love

Originally, this was a 12" released on the mighty Flying Nun Records in 1987. It was reissued on CD by Ajax Records with an additional five tracks and this is what you have here. The sounds are much more defined than on previous releases and would be their final recordings before Mr Morley began to concentrate on The Dead C.

River Falling Love


Wreck Small Speakers On Expensive Stereos - A Child's Guide To ...

"Wreck..." were Michael Morley (The Dead C, Gate, etc) and Richard Ram and delivered superior twisted lo-fi rock offerings during the early Eightites. This retrospective is compiled by Bruce Russell (who is also in The Dead C) from live and studio material and comes in the form of a C60, released on Bruce's hugely influential Xpressway in 1988.

A Child's Guide To ...


Dissecting Table - Impressionism

Ichiro Tsuji is a genius who appears (perversely) to want fewer people to hear him the older he gets. He now releases his prolific multi-format and extremely limited art almost exclusively via his own UPD Organization.

This is a double CDr, single-sided C34 and DVDr set released in 2010 in an edition of eight copies.

You'll need to extract both parts to the same folder.

Part 1

Part 2


Blomit - Untitled

Typically bizarro American Tapes one-sided lathe-cut LP released in a numbered edition of 30 copies in 2003. Because no play speed was specified, this was ripped at both 33 and 45rpm. It sounds wrong on both speeds. Oh, and it's AM307 for all you completists.

Blomit - Untitled


1000schoen - Vein

1000schoen (or Tausendschoen if you prefer) is the work of Helge Siehl who in a previous incarnation was a member of Maeror Tri.

This is the most gorgeous channel-switching motorik ambient drone that you possibly could dream of ... play this in a very large room at full volume and lose your mind ...

Four 3" CDr set released on Underwater Orchestra Records in 2002.



Various - Greek Electronic Music - 1

Originally, this was an LP released in 1974 featuring Michael Adamis, Dimitri Terzakis, Stephanos Vassiliadis, Nikos Mamangakis, Charis Xanthoudakis and Yannis Vlachopoulos. This is the CDr edition re-issued in 2006 courtesy of the wonderful Icelanders behind Creel Pone.

Greek Electronic Music - 1


Nikos Veliotis / Costis Drygianakis - 28/04/2001

Costis Drygianakis manipulating tape recorders and Nikos Veliotis wrenching all kind of sounds from his Cello. Recorded live at the Small Music Theatre in Athens in 2001. Released on absurd the same year.