Noisepussy - Catterina

This will be the last bit of Matt Middleton for a while. It's a beauty. A one off collaboration between Matt, Rahdune (aka Duncan Bruce) and CJA (aka Clayton Noone).

CDr released on Imvated in 2006.



Crude - Refute A Myth Society

Probably my favourite of the bunch.

LP released on Ecstatic Yod, as part of their Center Of The Ass Run series, in 1997.

Matt has also uploaded some other things that you can download for free here and here. Why wouldn't you?

Refute A Myth Society


Crude - Desert Storms, Crooked Shawms

Carl Cox meets Richie Hawtin and get pushed through Matt Middleton's mind-prism. Why doesn't this man rule the world?

7" released on Trinder Music in 1995.

Desert Storms, Crooked Shawms


Crude - Bionica

Bontempi gameboy therapy for troubled relationships and lilting jazz parp.

7" released on Crawlspace Records in 1997.



Crude - Sax Sothis

This starts with the sound of a cityscape as heard through a plastic drainpipe. Then it turns into sinister ninja-synthfunk. What? It carries on taking more thematic swerves than, erm, a very swervy thing. As long as you can come up for air once in a while, being inside Matt Middleton's head must be a hell of a lot of fun.

CD released on Juggernaut Records in 1998.

Sax Sothis


Crude - Worlds Worst Saxophone Solos Volume 48

Pretty much does what it says on the tin...

8" lathe released on Crawlspace Records in 1998.

Worlds Worst Saxophone Solos Volume 48


Crude - Raytheon

Broken electronics, crunchy noise and incidental found sound make this the polar opposite of the previous post.

CDr released on his own Artless Intent in 2003.



Crude - Inner City Guitar Perspectives

Ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your sanity hats! You are about to enter The Wonderful And Frightening World Of... Matt Middleton.

The entire thing is Matt on guitar, bass, drums, synthesizer, piano, clarinet, and vocals. This sounds like a lot of things but I've never heard anything like it.

CD and LP released on the immortal Flying Nun Records in 1996.

Inner City Guitar Perspectives


The Aesthetics - Off

More muddy gutter punk on the final release of the last line-up with Matt Middleton joined by Paul Dixon on bass and electronics and Pat Kraus on drums.

CD released on Mental Telemetry in 2001.



The Aesthetics - My Right To Riches

Top drawer ugly gutter-punk from the early core of Shaun Jury on bass, Stefan Neville on drums and Matt Middleton on everything that he can get his hands on. A doff of the proverbial also goes to Rustle Coveney and James Robinson who sit in for a few of the tracks.

LP released on Ecstatic Peace! in 1999.

My Right To Riches


The Aesthetics - Dunedin Punks 7

Hopelessly rare tape featuring two live performances from the The Aesthetics. The dates and venues are lost to me but a lot of what is here would see the light of day on the My Right To Riches LP the following year. I'm assuming that the line-up would be at least similar.

C60 released on Stefan Neville's Stabbies And The Rocket Recordings in 1998.

Dunedin Punks 7


Trash - On And On With Lou Reed

Buzzcockian guitar and high octane Sonic Youth riffery and then the cool as fuck vocals saunter in ... three minutes of pure gold! The warped gentle riot of "A Short Poem With The Voice Of Williams Burroughs In Mind" follows and clinches the deal. One of the finest singles that I've heard.

7" released on New World Of Sound in 1992.

On And On With Lou Reed


Trash - Gritt And Butts

More ramshackle rock punk aesthetics from the lovely Trash.

CD released on Turbulence Records in 1992. The vinyl came out the following year.

Gritt And Butts


Trash - Mihiwaka

Trash centred around the twin guitars of Bruce Blucher and Paul Cahill and the (Dead C) drums of Robbie Yeats but other people dropped in and out for gigs and recordings. Michael Morley even drops in to add his guitar to two of the tracks on this one. Needless to say, the entire thing is great.

CD released on Dunedin based IMD in 1995.



Dadamah - Violet Stains Red / Absent And Erotic Lives

The previous post was the complete works of Dadamah until these 1992 recordings were unearthed by Yellow Electric and released as a 7" in 2012.

Violet Stains Red / Absent And Erotic Lives


Dadamah - This Is Not A Dream

Short-lived outfit consisting of Kim Pieters, Peter Stapleton, Roy Montgomery and Janine Stagg. This is the CD version that brings together the 12" and two 7"s that they recorded between 1991 and 1992.

CD released on Kranky in 1995.

This Is Not A Dream


Doramaar - Jury / I Will Not Disappear Into You

The first Doramaar release was a lathe cut 7" released in 1994. I don't know if this was associated with a particular label.

Jury / I Will Not Disappear Into You


Doramaar - Copula

This is the original line-up that includes André Richardson (who was also in Trash and Cyclops) on bass and electric organ. On the opening track, the way that the organ and (what loosely could be described as) vocals intertwine wouldn't be out of place in a David Lynch dream scene. From there you just sink into a world of semi-improvised and warped unrock. You miss it when it's gone ... the sign of a class act if you ask me.

CD released on Bruce Russell's legendary Corpus Hermeticum in 1995.



Doramaar - Terra Incognita

Kim Pieters on bass and drums, Adria Morgan on guitar and drums and Sara Stephenson on guitar. Two offerings of glorious New Zealand no-wave-stlye hovering guitar, off-kilter drums and collapsing proceedings.

LP released on Fusetron in 1996.

Terra Incognita


va - Insane Music for Insane Music Vol. 11

From 1986, this is the last volume of the Insane Music for Insane People series that I own, with strange and wonderful (dare I say... insane?) music by Areknuteknyterne, Poets of the Signature, Psyclones, Vanishing Family, Armando Velasco Torres, LeLu/Lu's, Twilight Ritual, Mullah, ... Of Tanz Victims, Walls of Genius, The Horsemen, Collectionism, Los Paranos, Jean-Louis Descloux, and Influenza Prods. The series would continue with one more tape in 1986, an LP in 1987, then more compilation cassettes going up to volume 25 in 1988. It seems to have started again with volume 26 as recently as 2014.

va - Insane Music for Insane Music Vol. 11