Gu-n - 群

The lone release by a drone/noise/improv supergroup of sorts. Gu-n were Fumio Kosakai (of Incapacitants and Uchu Engine), Ryuichi Nagakubo (who played bass with CCCC, Yuragi and Uchu Engine), Hidenobu Kaneda (of Yuragi), Sawada Morihide (of Marble Sheep and Yura Yura Teikoku), and the great Ikuro Takahashi (who has been part of Fushitsusha, Overhang Party, LSD March, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, and many many more legendary bands). As Gu-n, they compiled the best bits of improvised drone and scrape from two sessions (in February and June, 1995) into this album. It was released as a CD on Pataphysique (Overhang Party's label) in the same year.

Gu-n - 群


Kawabata Makoto & Michishita Shinsuke - ◯△▢

Surely these two gentlemen need no introduction ... but just in case, the former is Acid Mothers Temple's head honcho and the latter is the guitarist and singer with the mighty LSD March. Whilst you would probably expect a feedback drenched onslaught, what you actually get is a delightfully constructed and elegant pair of improvisations.

LP released on Prophase Music in 2009.



Marble Sheep - Marble Sheep Meets ◯△▢

Psychedelic shamanism of the highest order on this CD released on FünfUndVierzig in 2003.

Marble Sheep Meets ◯△▢


◯△▢ (Maru Sankaku Shikaku)

Compiled recordings from a band (yes, their name was actually a circle, a triangle and a square) that existed for just a few years, from 1970 to 1973, and played a kind of hippie psychedelic jam rock that is terribly dated yet charming for what it is. Don't expect the blazing epiphanies of Les Raillizes Denudes or disciplined free improvisation of Taj Mahal Travellers. These guys were more of a precursor to Marble Sheep, No-Neck Blues Band or Acid Mothers Temple than to heady heavies like Fushitsusha or Kosoukuya. Still, it's undoubtedly a good thing that Captain Trip Records saw fit to reissue the group's three LPs from 1973 as proper CDs with one additional disc (no year listed, but likely also 1973) of previously unreleased jams. Two members of ◯△▢, guitarist Reck and drummer Chiko Hige, went on to play in the punk bands 3/3 and Friction. For a time, they resided in New York and were part of the "no wave" scene; Reck played with Teenage Jesus & the Jerks while Hige played with the Contortions.  



Randy Greif - Alice In Wonderland

If you have never heard the work of Randy Greif then this will serve as a delirious and hallucinatory introduction.

Between 1991 and 1992 Staalplaat released the first four CDs in the series. You then had to cut out the coupons and send them all back to the label in order to get the fifth. You even got the coupons back. Luckily, Soleilmoon Recordings released them as a remastered box set in 2000 and again in 2010.

These recordings are genuinely magnificent and are best heard in one sitting ... so set aside six hours of your life and slide down the rabbit hole!

No. 1

No. 2

No. 3

No. 4

No. 5


Ralf Wehowsky / Kevin Drumm - Cases

Lovely chiming concrète cut-up static squelch from Ralf and the marvelous Kevin Drumm. We adore Kevin's work but we don't post it because he has a very organised and active bandcamp page where he also has a subscription option. When you go for that you get exclusive work that is only available to you. We highly recommend it!

CD released on Selektion in 2001.



Bruce Russell & Ralf Wehowsky - Midnight Crossroads Tape Recorder Blues

Isn't technology great? Apart from the Terminators, they're bad! Back in the day, this would have been about (literally) shipping an analogue tape to somebody so they could contribute and send it back and so on and so forth. And now you can get two legends who normally would be around eleven and a half thousand miles apart producing beautifully abstract and twisted compositions ... and then we get to share them with you. When you think about it, apart from all of the shit stuff, the world is a pretty good place to live on.

CD released on A Bruit Secret in 2005.

Midnight Crossroads Tape Recorder Blues


Ralf Wehowsky & Bruce Russell - Sights

This is one of the consequences of when Mr Russell went to stay with Mr Wehowsky for a while in 2003, with some cross-continental work added in later.

This should have been the soundtrack to Barbarella.

CD released on Corpus Hermeticum in 2004.



P16.D4 - V.R.N.L.

This C40 was initially released on Wahrnehmungen in 1981 and when the label changed it's name to Selektion it was re-released the following year. In 2005, Ralf released a remastered vinyl version on Was Soll Das? Schallplatten. This is the Selecktion tape in all its original analogue glory.

Von Rechts Nach Lichts


Rogalli Nr. II - Neue Deutsche Peinlichkeit

Rogalli Nr. II is also known as Charles Rogalli but it's actually Ralf Wehowsky.

This C30 was the fifth release on Achim Wollscheid and Ralf's Selektion label way back in 1981. It was restored and edited as the "eaRLy W - Three: Neue Deutsche Peinlichkeit" LP (more of which later aka when I get around to it) but this is the original tape.

Neue Deutsche Peinlichkeit


RLW - Acht

Sonorous abstractions released on Selektion in 1993 that again features Ewald Weber, Roger Schönauer and Stefan E. Schmidt.



RLW - 14 Recordings From 1980-1993

Self-explanatory CD released on Selektion in 1993 that also features contributions from Ewald Weber, Roger Schönauer and Stefan E. Schmidt (who were all in P16.D4 with Ralf), Bernd Leukert, Bernhard Jugel and Elliott Sharp.

14 Recordings


RLW - Revu Et Corrigé

"When (alternate versions of) this material were released in 1986 on LP (Nichts Niemand Nirgends Nie!, Selektion SLP 011), they suffered from poor technical qualities of the vinyl standard in general and Selektion's equipment in particular. This CD represents the original sound ideas (realized for the first time appropriately) and provides a look at 1985’s work, seen from today’s point of view."

Wonderful CD released on Bernhard Günter's Trente Oiseaux in 1995.

Revu Et Corrigé


RLW - When Freezing Air Stings Like Ice I Shall Breathe Again

Ralf Wehowsky creates very strange worlds on most occasions but the landscapes here drift in and out of focus to the point of being intangible before they smash into sharp focus and slip away again. CD released on Christoph Heemann's Streamline in 1995.

Stings Like Ice


Murder Corporation - The New Crimes

... and then, in 2015, menstrualrecordings released an eight disc reissue that is remastered from the original tapes.

I no longer know whether this and the Pure CDr are related. More importantly, I no longer care because finally I can hear The New Crimes!

The New Crimes Vol. 1

The New Crimes Vol. 2

The New Crimes Vol. 3

The New Crimes Vol. 4

The New Crimes Vol. 5

The New Crimes Vol. 6

The New Crimes Vol. 7

The New Crimes Vol. 8


Murder Corporation - New Crimes

In 1995, Moreno Daldosso released an eight tape set on his own Murder Release label called The New Crimes. Apparently there were "less than ten" copies (whatever that actually means) and always resigned myself to never hearing it. In 1996 (and later in 2000) RRRon released this CDr on his very reasonably priced Pure sister label that specialised in releasing new and lost treasures.

I naturally assumed that it was part of the box set of tapes and snapped it up straight away and figured it was as close as I was ever going to get ...

New Crimes


Various - Missing Nothing

This was a six CDr collection that served as a fundraiser for the Bang The Bore collective in 2012.

Astral Social Club, Andy Jarvis, Spoils & Relics, Kevin Sanders' Petals, Ashtray Navigations, John Butcher, Mark Sanders, Seth Cooke, Clive Henry and The A Band are the hooks that will drag you in. However, everything on here is well worth your undivided attention.

This seems to be the perfect way to temporarily conclude what will forever go down in history as "Bleak Bliss: The Compilation Years" ... who at the back said 'thank fuck for that'?








Various - Unbecoming: An International Compilation

CD released on Freedom In A Vacuum in 1993 featuring Pierre-André Arcand, PGR, Empirical Sleeping Consort, Allegory Chapel Ltd. and John Duncan alongside others who have slipped into the æther in the intervening 23 years.



Richard Duaine Lyons

Am I just getting old? Is this what it is like when you get old? Do I just have to get used to the fact that the people that I admire just leave?

It has just been announced that Prince Rogers Nelson has died at the age of 57. That really stinks. What will be reported far less and hurts me more is that Richard died today also at the age of 57.

Alongside Mark Hosler and Peter Conheim, he was a founder member of Negativland ... a genius collective of cut up / plunderphonic flies in the ointment of the American dream.

It always seems to be a trite and consoling cliché that people battle cancer ... Pastor Dick managed it for around 12 years. Today we all lost. Today he joined former Negativelanders Don Joyce and Ian Allen who we lost last year.

Raise a glass people!

Originally released on their own Seeland label in 1980 ...


... and a CD released on Seeland in 2002.

Deathsentences Of The Polished And Structurally Weak


Various - Voices In A Dark Room

Double C45 set released on Honeymoon Production in 1989 featuring Kapotte Muziek, Asmus Tietchens, Vidna Obmana, S.Core, blackhumour, The Haters, The Gerogerigegege and Merzbow amongst others.

Voices In A Dark Room