Various - Mumbo Jumbo

Great old Japanese tape featuring Merzbow and Contagious Orgasm (Hiroshi Hashimoto, Kenji Kobayashi and Shingo Sugiura) who will be very familiar to you. However, this also features Ryuta Noguchi's Rabbit Eyes Rising and N.E.W.T. (who I know nothing about) and their material is every bit as strong as their more renowned counterparts.

C40 released on Hiroshi Hashimoto's SSSM in 1990.

Mumbo Jumbo


Anonymous,  7 February 2015 at 18:04  

Thanks for this. Any more Contagious Orgasm?

Thaumaturgist,  8 February 2015 at 00:05  

Hi Folks, great blog you have there to echo the previous comment, thanks for sharing, and we love Contagious Orgasm!

Now, a funny thing happened when i visited your blog today. Insted of going directly to the front page I was stopped at a page that said the following...

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While I realise none of this is the fault of the folks who have this blog, I do have a problem with it because I do ot like the idea of being tracked by the google spy-cookies and allowing javascr1pt to load eventually leads to a corrupted registry in Windows PCs with the inevitable requirement of time and effort to restore the system from a disk image.

Therefore i humbly request you check the settings for your blog and adjust them so that direct access is once more available to visitors.

badgerstump 8 February 2015 at 10:15  

hhhmmm ... it looks like this has been imposed

i have no idea why. i've been here for five years and haven't changed anything that we've been doing so why it is suddenly objectionable is beyond me!

Anonymous,  12 February 2015 at 18:19  

so good!
more pelase!