K2 - Maximum Lateral Pressure

It would be especially appropriate to say that K2 makes noise with surgical precision, because (aha!) Dr. Kimihide Kusafuka is, in fact, a real life surgeon! Death metal bands like Carcass think they're extreme because they opened a medical textbook and copied the names of diseases to use for song titles... but it's much more extreme for K2 to have opened up the same medical textbooks because HE WAS IN MEDICAL SCHOOL, STUDYING TO BECOME AN ACTUAL DOCTOR. In his spare time (do you know of any surgeons who have spare time?) he bashes on metal and makes noise. This cassette was put out by Realization Recordings in 1994.

K2 - Maximum Lateral Pressure


Ian 16 February 2015 at 18:09  

holy shit, didn't know k2 was a doctor!

badgerstump 16 February 2015 at 18:19  

we are (of course) a mine of information:

"My name is Dr. Kimihide Kusafuka, a.k.a. K2. K2 is my solo noise project since 1981. I am a pathologist in Cancer Center, Japan. The musical activities as K2 divide to three period. In the first period (1981-1986) , I was related to mail art and music scene, and I had been recorded several experimental music in home studio named DARK DISCO, but I had never performed ant live shows as K2 at that time. In the second period (1993-2002), I firstly did home-recordings and made many dark ambient works from ONCOSONIK LABORATORY. But from late 1994, I collected and played metal junks with electronics and voices, which were very harsh and loud noise. I performed solo and collaborating live shows in Tokyo, Nagoya and more. US minitour was performed in 1995. Maybe, they were the most loudest sounds in the world ! In third period (from 2009 to now), I stop live shows and no use of metal junks. I use cheap game machines and vintage synth and cheap electronics, so that I home-record some loud noise works. The early works are of the scum & heavy techno/electronica entitled "Scum Techno-logy" series as K2 & AUDIO PATHOLOGIST project. But I concentrate to pure & loud noise works, entitled "Made in Erehwon" series. I am doing field recordings of construction areas and small factories. Maybe, I use such sounds and then will make my loud noise works."

Anonymous,  20 February 2015 at 11:49  

love that!

Certifiablockhead 17 May 2015 at 01:00  

this´s the stuff...thank you...