AFX Food

Of course, you know that Aphex Twin is Richard D. James.

I only found out on Thursday that he is out there as user48736353001 and has put 155 tracks of older material and unreleased work up on Soundcloud for your listening pleasure and/or free download.

Then the following day, in a completely random manner, I was wandering around and ended up listening to Ninja Tune's Solid Steel Radio Show and fuck me! The legendary DJ Food has only gone and mixed a shitload of the AFX tracks and turned it into a 90 minute broadcast.

Sorry it took me until Sunday to point you towards it but I've been busy windowlicking...

... and is this a new AFX bandcamp?


Anonymous,  15 February 2015 at 22:29  

I'm a huge IDM and noise fan but I don't get the Aphex Twin appeal. Good post nonetheless!

Plague 16 February 2015 at 20:33  

someone somewhere posted a link for all the afx tracks that were on soundcloud.
Alas, for picky purists like myself, they are all over the map bitrate-wise.