White Blobs - Untitled

A mystery cassette from the excellent Tone Filth label (RIP, but replaced by the equally sterling and hilariously-monikered Sympathy Limited), published in 2006 in a run of less than 50 copies. The artist(s) behind White Blobs is not given credit, though I assume that it's label boss Justin Meyers (aka Panther Skull, Devillock, and 1/2 of Glass Organ) since it sounds like his well-manicured analog synthesizer squeak and burble. This tape features two short tracks (or one track, spread over two sides) of hushed, playful circuit bloop. The music seems perfectly suited to its format in that it's easy to have this tape flip and repeat over and over, letting the listener live in its midst as if conducting life's business whist swimming in a pool full of colorful plastic balls. There is one passage towards the end of side 2 that seems to be a crescendo (sort of), but for the most part you could have this music playing softly over the speakers in a used bookstore and no one would be too bothered by it. If anyone can confirm or deny my hunch that Meyers is indeed twiddling the knobs on these blobs, I would be curious to know.

White Blobs - Untitled


Anonymous,  2 February 2015 at 18:51  

Hey Justin here. I am not the person behind this recording. It was Jason Power, who later went on to record music under the names Slapping Purses and more recently as part of BLOODEATH.

Mrs. Inside 2 February 2015 at 19:19  

Thank you for clearing that up, Justin! It is a wonderful tape. Tone Filth had a high standard, both visually and sonically. Now I will have to hunt down Jason Powers' other recordings.