Blackest Ever Black ‎- An Old Dead Leaf Painted Purple

Right. Enough of all this harsh business. Well, for a few days.

This is a bonus CDr that came with a limited edition T-Shirt from Blackest Ever Black that was sold at the tail end of 2012. The "track-list" gives you a clue where this mix is heading but it's enveloped in the BEB aesthetic (which is obviously a very great thing indeed).

If you liked any of the Krokodilo tapes I posted a while ago then you really need this. Stunning ... and completely recommended!

1.01 The Janet & Johns - Let Bygones Be Bygones
1.02 Étant Donnés - La Montée Au Ciel
1.03 Cyclobe - Strange Hotel
1.04 Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement - In New Guinea Police Don't Have The Petrol Money To Search For The Witch Murderers
1.05 Years On Earth - Saving Face
1.06 N4's - N4's
1.07 Five Thousand Spirits - From Sea To Sea
1.08 Lussuria - Viper Room Vigil
1.09 Space Machine - Cosmos From Diode Ladder Filter 1
1.10 Schleimer K - Cold Sounds
1.11 Vagon Brei - A Little Story Of Asturias
1.12 Anduin - Behind The Voyeur's Wall Of Glass
1.13 Tropic Of Cancer - Wake The Night

An Old Dead Leaf Painted Purple


Anonymous,  18 February 2015 at 14:49  

stunner. cheers, as always


Anonymous,  19 February 2015 at 12:53