Residents Uninc.

I'm assuming that everybody knows about The Residents but here is something for that one person who doesn't!

Recorded on quarter inch reel to reel tape in 1971, this was never released. Apparently the front of the box showed an infant being orally abused by an adult female with the image lifted from some Danish magazine. If I haven't lost you already, this is a really great and bizarre offering recorded before The Residents officially existed. One of the highlights for me is a crazed hyperactive run through of King Kong from The Mothers Of Invention's "Uncle Meat". This is a glimpse into the things that were to come!

Thankfully, The Residents came to save us all! I am incapable of imagining what the world would be like had that not been the case and to be honest, I wouldn't want to!

Baby Sxx


Anonymous,  10 August 2014 at 09:29  

all hail The Residents
and nigel senada!