Fossils‎ - Play Where Eagles Dare

This time around Fossils‎ are David Payne and Robbie Michalchuk (the pair also recorded as Bench Grinders). Here we get seven live shows across two CDrs from a busy November in 2011. I have a shelf full of Fossils/MJC tapes and CDrs but there was never any chance that I would get to be in the audience. So this makes me happy...

Incidentally, there was a Fossils bandcamp page that I would always pay $5 on a pay what you like basis to hear things like this. Where did it go? Am I missing something?

[Clearly, I was. It was hiding under my nose exactly where it has always been. Duh!]

Released on David's Middle James Co in 2012 in an edition of 33.


and Two


Anonymous,  17 August 2014 at 19:33  

i've never been a fossils fan
and i didn't change my mind