Grim‎ - Love Song

Beautifully packaged LP jointly released on Art Into Life and Jun's Eskimo Records in 2013. "The singularly strange storytelling power of Jun Konagaya's unit GRIM had been largely overlooked until Haang Niap Records' "Folk Songs For An Obscure Race" compilation of the group's early 80s material. Konagaya restarted the group in 2009 and these are their first new recordings".

A special mention goes to Austria's Steinklang Industries who have released Psycho Sun ... which also purports to have the the first new work by GRIM for 27 years! They also have Jun Konagaya's Organ that was "released" on Eskimo Records and distributed via Steinklang and BRAND NEW copies of 1985's Amaterasu 7" with the booklet (and surely these must have come directly from Jun). If that isn't enough, they have some gorgeous GRIM t-shirts ...

They have also remastered and re-released all of the work of Vasilisk including some exquisitely made wooden LP box sets! And Vasilisk t-shirts. What more could you possibly want?

Love Song


Anonymous,  26 August 2014 at 18:22  

i'm currently addicted to grim!