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Grim for most of its history has been Jun Konagaya. We've posted Grim before, if you haven't checked it then do it now! I couldn't wait to get hold of this tape and when I put this on it started as a "what?". It starts as a rather benign orchestral synth thing that could quite easily have been found as incidental music for a (superior) 1980s B Movie. An nonthreatening part of Dreams Less Sweet that was dismissed early in the proceedings. Why did I ever doubt? It is frankly triumphant GRIM! It is only 26 minutes long ... so I play it on rotation five or six times.

I don't know when this was recorded but it was released on Rockatansky Records in 2010. There are two tapes that have been released on Lust Vessel this year. They are obviously sold out. Please feel sorry for some poor bloggers, we need to hear them!



Anonymous,  22 August 2014 at 18:42  

not bad!

KS 25 August 2014 at 19:46  

Wow, it's amazing... i love the maya song, wonderful...