Various - Real Japanese Underground 2005

As far as I know, there were only the five in the series. There is too much to say about the individual releases. You will have already made your mind up whether you are in or out. Personally, the series is so mentally entertaining that it probably shouldn't be allowed. Luckily ... it's allowed (I checked). This is a Crucial Blast review of this one and apart from the names, the themes stand for the entire series. Happy Saturday people!

"This double CD-R compilation is one of the craziest mixtapes of extreme noise/core we've ever heard, two discs completely loaded with over 2 hours of fucked up, utterly bizarre psychedelic Japanese noisecore, avant grind, psych drones, harsh noise, gabba pop, and other 100% mutant, 100% Japanese confections. Unfortunately, the label that put this out stuck the discs in what pretty much amounts to the most unimaginative packaging possible, a simple xeroxed sleeve with absolutely zero artwork, appearing more like a cheap label sampler than anything. That sucks, because the sounds collected here are from another fucking planet. But then again, you can't really go wrong with 2 hours of music for $6. The first disc has improv noisegrind from Sete Star Sept and Napalm Death is Dead, AWESOME speedmetal/techno from Bakans, retardedly brutal goregrind chugalug from Pultrefaction Apartment and Fuck Me Please, Aostrapos' epic blast psychedelia, freaking killer deathcore weirdness from Deathlate, amazing brutal noise/pop/gabba/hypergrind from Grind D.C.P.S., two MINDBLOWING solo-guitar post-rock/psych/hard rockin' shred instrumentals from Mindweaver (honestly, we recommend picking this sampler up for the Mindweaver tracks alone! Total lo-fi stoner guitar bliss!), plus a handful of other bands whose names we can't read because we can't read Kanji, but we can say that they deal in a variety of bizarre avant-garde J-pop noise, immolating digital noise improv. Then there is the very last track, again by someone whose name is written in Kanji, entitled "Unholy Satanic Improvisation". It's six minutes of a man alone in a room, muttering all sorts of insane nonsensical shit, sometimes letting loose with death metal grunts while he severely abuses his guitar through a tinny practice amp. Essential. The second disc has more brutal electronic noisecore chaos from Feedback Nine VOlt, spastic digital cut-up destruction from Bloody Letter, PLANET CRUSHING powerdrone rumble from Aiz, crunchy harsh noise from 666, ultraviolent feedback improv from Destructionisties and Vent, evil dronenoise from Wyrs, Wolf Eyes-esque devilgnarl from Beautiful Demise, and an awesome set of massive Sunn O)))-meets-Astromero drone metal and ambient annhiliation from Te:ch/a/os:mosis. We're talking GOBS of variety here, folks. A detailed exploration into the utterly mutant underbelley of the Japanese extreme underground."

Double CDr from Lost Rivers Product in 2006.

Real Japanese Underground 2005


kingpossum,  10 April 2021 at 20:19  

Holy crap what could we have possibly done to be deserving of this shit-ton overload of marvelous Japanese goodness?! The marvelous thing to come out of the Japanese culture of demanded conformity for we Westerners is that when those few who break from that conformist social get their hands on musical instruments of any kind they go absolutely, full-on batshit crazy. And we win!

Blessings and regards to Badgerstump, Mrs. Inside and anybody else who may share some responsibility for this spate of posts.

I remain,

sebekulten 24 April 2021 at 17:51  

The cybergrind/neocrust/heavy psych etc parts are absolute bonkers, everything up to Mindweaver are incredibly outlandish (especially loved the microtonal overture of the first Mindweaver track). The harsh noise/death industrial tracks are good overall but relatively 'normal' compared to the aforementioned half (with Aiz and Destructionisties being the highlights imo). Can't wait to explore the rest of the volumes, planning on doing one per day. Many thanks :D!!

kopro,  3 May 2021 at 19:14  

All the REAL JAPANESE UNDERGROUND (2005 to 2009) is the same:
"The file you are trying to download is no longer available" (shit!)

Will they be available again? the description and comments are really captivating.

Thanks for all Badgerstump

badgerstump 4 May 2021 at 14:50  

well that filehost didn't do what it said on the tin ... all back up before long