Fushitsusha - Secret Black Box

I posted this in 2012 and resurrected it in 2016 but this really deserves to be kept alive forever. All seven hours of a Fushitsusha performance at Hosei University in Tokyo on December the 13th, 2003 spread across six CDrs in an edition of 20 that were given to Keiji Haino himself or to friends of the label owner.

If you don't have it already, take it and give it to ten other people ...

Secret Black Box


Bill 5 April 2021 at 20:37  

It's impossible to have too much Fushitsusha. Thank you!

Anonymous,  5 April 2021 at 23:01  

This is great stuff, thanks a lot for making this available again! Unfortunately I found out that two tracks from CD 6 are missing (compared it with discogs). What happened to them?

volumeselector 6 April 2021 at 07:54  

Thanks! Is there any hope for a lossless upgrade? Wonderful blog you got. I contribute a lot to the Inconstant Sol blog. Go to the latest posts in their contributions section. Cheers!

sebekulten 6 April 2021 at 08:33  

absolutely phenomenal collection of sonic wizardry

Anonymous,  6 April 2021 at 19:45  

Thanks for uploading the 2 missing tracks! Best regards from Hamburg (again)

Jonny Zchivago 6 April 2021 at 19:58  

Oooooooh I like this..a....lot.

Anonymous,  6 April 2021 at 21:46  

The likely source of this recording is a user that sometimes posts on the Dime A Dozen tracker. They have hundreds of Haino recordings of similar audio quality. Many other birthday marathon recordings as well. Nearly every year around May 3rd, Haino's birthday, they drop a handful or so of those recordings. There are a couple users on Dime that have shared many, many Haino recordings. There's a wealth of Haino out there beyond official releases, and I've yet to hear one yet that isn't worth hearing and having.

Plague 6 April 2021 at 22:55  

and I wish I could find that Dime stuff...

badgerstump 7 April 2021 at 19:35  

... part of me wishes i could be bothered with trackers and torrents, the other 90% of me and 100% of the cats are quite happy the way it is