Gaji - 9pm At Gfm

"Live recording session without audience in a club "Grapefruit Moon" in Tokyo." That's pretty perverse. No audience? Presumably poignant given that this is the last recording. There are three earlier singles we have never heard and I was going to say that they disappeared after this. However, check the comment from Mason "the man who knows many things" Jones ... new knowledge right there ... and now I really need to chase that particular tail forthwith!

A CD released on the awe-inspiring Inoxia Records on 2002. Interest rates and massive shipping cost hikes mean that I can't buy from them anymore. That is fucking annoying but I suppose Greta would approve ...

9pm At Gfm


Mason Jones 26 April 2021 at 01:14  

This is another great one, yes. As another connection, check out Thermo's two albums (on Inoxia) if you haven't stumbled on them. Kimijima-san was involved in the live mix, and it's got further connections to Nasca Car and other excellent bands!

Anonymous,  27 April 2021 at 18:12  

sipping ice tea while
listening to Gaji and Knead
and reading Peripheral by William Gibson.