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Superficially, this doesn't look promising. However, on guitar we have Natsuki Kido and Seiichi Yamamoto, on bass is Mitsuru Nasuno, on violin is Yuji Katsui and behind the kit is Tatsuya Yoshida. That in itself is a list that would slacken the tightest jaw. The CD is a set of improvisations recorded seperately. The DVD is them live at High, Koenji, Tokyo on December the 10th, 2008. I had heard some of their work prior to watching the live gig ... watching them in action made all of the difference to me and revealed it as the hardcore psychedelic spaceprogrock that it is. Probably doesn't make that sound more inviting but hey ho.

DVD and CD set released on Magaibutsu in 2009.

Invitation Accepted


Anonymous,  15 April 2021 at 18:06  

not bad