Milford Graves - Bäbi

This could have been one of those lost rumours. This was originally released as an LP on IPS in 1977. The original masters were lost and dedicated heroes took this transfer from pristine vinyl and gave us the opportunity to hear it. The evident joy from all involved in the live recording is a total head rush. As if that isn't enough, there is a second disc of improvisations from 1969.

Oh, did I mention that apart from Milford Graves, you also get Arthur Doyle and Hugh Glover?

A double CD released on Corbett vs. Dempsey in 2018. It's not MP3.



Double Dubz 4 January 2021 at 01:06  

Not sure I've ever heard the "extra disc" material. Thanks for all you do, and happy new year!!

Steve 4 January 2021 at 08:45  

Nice read about MG here: