Dead Machines + Withdrawal Method - Withdrawn Dead

This is a live in-store recording at Electric Heavyland. A lively affair especially considering Withdrawal Method's equipment caught fire (and not in an entertaining Crazy World Of Arthur Brown stylee). It was initially planned for release as an LP but for some random reason, the mastering on Side B sounded awful. So, whaddya do? Deface / improve Side B rendering it unplayable and put the collaborative track on a CDr. Obviously.

A necessarily single-sided LP with (surprise) a CDr released on Enterruption in 2006 in a sprightly edition of 62. It's not MP3.

Withdrawn Dead


Anonymous,  23 January 2021 at 18:00  

Withdrawal Method was one of the most underrated projects of its time. I think he was working on an proper full-length LP for Hospital or Hanson right around the time this came out, but it seems to have never been completed. Damn shame.

Anonymous,  25 January 2021 at 14:40  

Not WMs equipment but the circuit box distributing electricty to the entire building caught fire.
I think the release was for Hanson. He did have a couple Hospital cassettes. I dont know why he never finished it other than ... he's DREWICIDAL!