Black Leather Jesus - A Prized Assfuck

Now the thought of a Black Texan Jesus dressed in Leather raining righteous punishment down upon the ass of The Filth Pig pleases me greatly. I have to admit that the prescience of our intrepid band of noise mongers is also a thing of splendour. To name the tape after The Filth Pig's new nickname as he makes the seamless transition from the White House to the Big House seven years before it will happen? Bravo!

On this recording, our forceful disciplinarians are: Sean E. Matzus, Vanessa Gates, Tanner Garza, Richard Ramirez, Thomas Mortigan, Joseph Gates, Zach Guttowsky, Carol Sandin, and Austin Caustic. Yeah, I know.

A C60 released on Meaning Corrupted in an edition of 16 in 2014. It's not MP3.

Even Though Trump is Fucked

Fuck Trump!


Anonymous,  21 January 2021 at 23:49  

richard ramirez rules