Filthy Fecal Mutants - Untitled

You know those make believe superhero movies where random unrelated cos-play perverts band together to save the Earth? Well, this is the noise equivalent. If you can't guess, it's Darren Wyngarde (Filthy Turd), Nicola Vinciguerra (Fecalove) and George Proctor (Mutant Ape). A comment on the Dolls? An accurate description of me and Mrs Inside? You lot? Well, in the 2021 spirit of global harmony ... it's all of us. To paraphrase the chimp spanker: "We are the Turd. We are the future!".

A CDr courtesy of Smell The Stench from 2006.

Fuck Fecal Presidents


Anonymous,  17 January 2021 at 18:48