Various - Tokyo Invasion Volume 1: Cosmic Kurushi Monsters

A cracking compilation featuring the likes of Musica Transonic, High Rise, Boredoms, Ground Zero, Vajra, Altered States, Keiji Haino, Ruins, Fushitsusha, Melt-Banana and a hell of a lot more. Yeah, there is nothing exclusive to the release but that doesn't stop it being a shitload of fun.

You also get artwork courtesy of Savage Pencil ... I'm pretty sure there was never a second volume so I guess this didn't sell too well at the time which prompts the age old question: "what's wrong with poeple?"

Double CD released by a wannabe spaceman in 1996.

collar me, don't collar me

It's around 900MB so best to lean on this server first ..



Anonymous,  22 June 2023 at 22:35  


Friend 23 June 2023 at 08:37  

This is an amazing comp. From beginning to end. A true masterpiece ... Thank you very very much!