T. Mikawa - Cloud Carpet Bombing

Now here is an entire bathful of HOLY SHIT!

Obviously, it's Toshiji Mikawa and I'll assume that you know where you are. Even so, you won't have seen this coming. It's a set released in Japan consisting of a box containing one CD and two tapes. The tapes replicate what is on the disc. I don't actually own this yet so you will have to cope with only having the rip of the CD. When I get my hands on a physical copy, I'll rip the tapes and put them up as well. Nerdtastic aspirations right there just for you.

This has genuinely surprised and excited me more than I thought possible. I've played this on rotation for the past couple of weeks and still can't translate it into the usual bollocks that I spout on here. This is genuinely special!

Released on Takuya Sakaguchi's Neurec label in 2022. There is a CD only version that raises it's head infrequently but I'm pretty sure that is not "authentic".

do the shake n vac and put the freshness back


Anonymous,  4 June 2023 at 08:05  


Anonymous,  5 June 2023 at 00:59  

good god, man!

Anonymous,  5 June 2023 at 19:54  

Top stuff! This sure knocked my smelly socks off. Feeling a bit fragile this morning. The brain cloud busters' saved the day. Thanks

Anonymous,  5 June 2023 at 20:45  

Thank you kindly, this recording is a real marvel!

Anonymous,  8 June 2023 at 17:00  


Anonymous,  24 March 2024 at 08:56  

Amazing, thank you!