T.Mikawa - Bloody, innocent and Strategic

Sometimes Discogs isn't entirely accurate ... I know ... who knew? It's something else entirely when the artist feels the need to correct the addition. A tough one to swallow that makes everyone else smirk ... cue instant karma.

"All titles of this CD shown above are totally incorrectly spelled.
This album is dedicated to BiS (Brand-new idol Society), which disbanded on 8th, July, 2014. All titles of each piece were named to show BiS when abbreviated. Therefore, all titles shown above are wrong.
They should be
1. Bloody, innocent and Strategic
2. Beyond internal Split
3. Bring impossible Satisfaction
4. Breathless incubus Sophisticated
5. Burning, isolated and Spectacular
6. Barbarian introduces Sabotage
and also, of course, the title of this album must be spelled as Bloody, innocent and Strategic. That's all what I would like to say as the artist of this album.
Toshiji Mikawa"

CD released on Alchemy Records in 2004.

guilty m'lud


J.H.M. 26 June 2023 at 16:42  

Brand-new idol Society ruled. Such a deeply weird intrusion into the whole idol pop project musically and aesthetically, and as you are well aware I think fairly frequent and enthusiastic collaborators with Hijokaidan. This is a cute tribute.