U.Eye - Field Deviations Vol. 2

Ahh, Universal Eyes ... the gorgeous combination of Universal Indians & Wolf Eyes. Aaron Dilloway, Gretchen Gonzales, Nate Young and John Olson. That on it's own is full on "shut the fuck up" but it's better than that. A mutual friend of ours sent some of his rips to post. This is the part where all of the people here who arrive for the same reasons that we post should be doffng the proverbial or actual hat. I've just donned an actual hat in order to doff it ... that's leadership for you!

I think it gets even better than that ... it's 24/96 from wav, entirely for shits and giggles. It sounds fucking amazing.

Mrs Inside doesn't even know I'm posting this so hopefully this makes her smile (or at least raise one eyebrow at a suitably jaunty angle) and it does the same for you too.

A self-released C54 from 2019 that may have been in an edition of 12 copies ... John's a great human and will sometimes rip an additional copy or two. Even so, an edition of virtually fuck all.

always the darkest before the dawn

mega option etc


Anonymous,  28 April 2022 at 18:18