How People Speak - I Was Tempted To Tell Him That I Had I No Idea What I Really Wanted But Decided To Keep It To Myself

Me and Mrs Inside regularly have discussions about Nakahara Masaya and John Olson. I say discussion. I mean, we go "oh my god have you heard this?"; "yeah, I know, it's fucking amazing innit"; "I'm Canadian, what the fuck does innit mean?": cue regardless fanboy/girl screeching. Turns out there are quite a few people like us.

So, here's one back to the ledge who gave us the Universal Eyes tapes. It's the pretty classic split-channel Olson mind-fuck sorcery that makes me warm inside and slightly moist on the outside.

C52 on American Tapes from 2009 ... it's AM829 btw.

everyone's a winner, baby, that's no lie


Anonymous,  5 May 2022 at 11:46  

yes yes yes