High Rise - Psychedelic Speed Freaks '84-'85


Some of the earliest recordings of the Japanese heavy-psych brutes High Rise. Imagine the raging-Harley amphetamine-crazed energy of Motorhead, but instead of catchy tunes about drinking and gambling you get scorching sheets of white-noise guitar solos that screech over barely-held-together songs about not doing drugs that might have been played on instruments made out of actual motorcycle engines. This is some black leather and dark sunglasses rock n'roll turned up to an absurd degree. 

just say no


Bill 24 April 2022 at 02:21  

Hard for me to describe how much I fucking love this album (and the other early High Rise recordings). If you don't know this, listen to it and be converted. If you do, listen to it and be amazed all over again.

kingpossum,  25 April 2022 at 08:15  

Just say yes.