Mark Stewart + Maffia - Learning To Cope With Cowardice

Dystopian Bristolian postpunkfunk that grew from the ashes of The Pop Group. If you haven't previously had the pleasure before combine The Pop Group with Steinski, Tackhead and the scent of revolution.

Originally a LP released on On-U Sound. Discogs says from 1983. This is a lossless rip of the CD reissue from 1991 on On-U that comes with two brilliant additional tracks. The back of this release says the original was from 1982. Hmmm, where would I put my money?

coping strategies


Caligari 6 September 2021 at 19:06  

cant believe it
i am re-listening
to all the rip rig
pop group mark stewart etc
in these very days...
oh synchronicity

rev.b 7 September 2021 at 00:55  

Can't add much to the previous comments, 'cept to say thanks. Haven't heard these in a while.