Inner City Unit - New Anatomy

We all know that only me and kingpossum are interested. That's enough for us. At the time I thought it was amazing and it was my favourite ICU release. I haven't listened to this for about thirty five years and to be honest it's still solid. Apart from the other waffle I've spouted, there are parts of ska orchestra, AOR drivel (Airplane anyone?), Eno's Roxy Music, The B-52s if they grew up in a London squat and had bongs for breakfast, and really fucking weirdly unacceptable theme tunes for the likes of Dynasty or Triangle revisioned by Frank Sidebottom as well as revisionist skronk Cramps. Thinking about it, this is absurdist genius and I love it.

LP released on Demi Monde in 1984.

New Anatomy


kingpossum,  28 September 2021 at 07:34  

Haven't listened to this in nearly as long. Thank you for the reminder.

Anonymous,  7 May 2023 at 07:38  

Nicely, ta.