Various - Ata Tak The Collection Box 5 - The Single Collection

Well it looks like Mrs Inside has gone full-on GOP and betrayed her principles and acquiesced to the demands of the reactionary mob that has so clearly defiled our sacred chamber. Unfortunately, under Chapter 8, paragraph 8.3(1) of the contract we signed with I am forced under the aegis of corporate responsibility to collaborate with Mrs Inside's cowardice under extreme pressure. And so ... IN A FINAL STAND AGAINST TYRANNY, I GIVE YOU ...

It's a CD that did come in a box with three seven inch singles that have mostly been replicated prior to this. I don't have rips of the vinyl that came with the CD. I could try to blag it and post the three and hope for the best. However, now we're under the harsh spotlight of the masses I dare not mis-step.

So. Suezan Studio. 2014. Not. MP3.

And now we are off to invade Poland which will accommodate all of our die-hard communist and fascist readership. Don't say we don't care about all of you!

and now you face the iron curtain


Anonymous,  11 March 2021 at 18:57  

Great! Thanks again for these daily discoveries.