Rongwrong - The Story of Alfons Czahor


OKAY FINE. Look, I hear you! Alright? I hear all of your plaintive cries... so many voices, all at once shouting, pleading with us by email and marching with placards in front of our downtown corporate office: WHAT ABOUT POLISH MUSIC?? 

Well, all of us here at Bleak Bliss Ltd LLC are nothing if not responsive to the needs of our (variously) loyal readers. And so.... you asked for it, you got it. Buckle up, 'cuz here comes a boatload of POLISH MUSIC. Opulent bouquets and gifts that represent your thanks can be mailed to the address of our administrative headquarters, located in the heart of your favorite metropolitan center. "The Story of Alfons Czahor" is a 1996 CD reissue of a 1994 cassette by the Polish trio Rongwrong, who are sort of industrial dramatic ambient. It's not a life-changer, but it is Polish, which is what you wanted so very very much. And rest assured: more Polish noise is on the way. Your gratitude is acknowledged and accepted. You may now disperse peacefully back to your homes, knowing that today you've made a real difference. 


Robert Gomez 11 March 2021 at 16:39  

Yeah, let's get some Atman up in here!

badgerstump 11 March 2021 at 17:00  

The sure sign of a communist faggot if you ask me!

I'm in ...

Anonymous,  17 March 2021 at 01:21  

so good!