Various - Ata Tak: The Collection - Box 3 Pop / Lovely

This collection is utterly fucked up to the point where it drives you to get an appointment with the doctor / psychiatrist / psychotherpist / home delivery servive of fine wines and drugs of your choice. That undoubtably reassures you that I care about your mental stability and serves as a legally binding disclaimer. ish.

Die Doraus und Die Marinas is largely attributable to Andreas Dorau. He appears have had an approach to sourcing his songs and publicity shoots that hasn't worn so well. It's weird enough without that knowledge and now you can add some sinister. Ja Ja Ja's only album is a kind of Altered Images / Bow Wow Wow hybrid with added P16.D4. Lost Gringos are always reliable and their only LP is a stabilising point that kind of passes by due to the oddness of the bread in this particular sandwich. Die Zimmermänner turn out to be a far too energetic Haircut 100 doubling up as a really fucking annoying flower seller when you are trying to relax by the pool. Finally, in a sentiment never concieved before, Picky Picnic save the day. Apparently, this is Kaoru Todoroki, Makoto Ori, Yuji Asuka who have been touted as the Japanese version of The Residents by people who have never heard The Residents ... maybe nicking the bassline for Wham!'s I'm Your Man and Airport guitar licks was ironic back then.

... and just when you think it's all over, you get a "bonus" 3" CD of live Die Doraus und Die Marinas just in case your inner child-catcher has lost it's mojo.

Let's face it, you deserve to listen to this on repeat you disreputable bastards. You would only complain if this was the missing volume.

Suezan Studio. 2011. Endure in non-MP3. You're welcome!

ugly pop killed


Anonymous,  7 March 2021 at 19:18  

Thank you for this! I'm very pleased!

Anonymous,  7 March 2021 at 19:36  

All 3 volumes are awesome! If you like this you'll love the 'Drive To Heaven Welcome to Chaos' comp.

King Felix 7 March 2021 at 20:01  

These Ata boxes have been a revelation. Thank you for all the weird hours of headscratching listening pleasure!

Anonymous,  8 March 2021 at 16:30  

Also check out the 'Deutschland (A Compilation Of "New" German Musik)' comp LP. Introduced lots of us to the real Neue Deutsche Welle (NDW).

Anonymous,  9 March 2021 at 10:43  

"die zimmermänner" are great (which applies also to their work outside the box)- really a pity that all lyrics are in german. well, a pity mostly for those who do not know that language.

I never thought anybody who was not german and around 17 years old when "fred vom jupiter" came out would ever care for die doraus & die marinas.

a big thanks for all the ata tak stuff!

Mrs. Inside 9 March 2021 at 23:12  

"Fred Vom Jupiter" is an absolute dancefloor-filling party. The husband and I love that tune so much!