Lidless Eye - Gummed Enclosure

This is the prolific Knox Mitchell. The only person I know who has as many email addresses as he does aliases and "band" affiliations. I only have a few Lidless Eyes and there are so many tape sets that came out in an edition of minus 34 that I will never get to hear. That kind of stuff really upsets me. So here's the deal ... I am perfectly prepared to sell your grandmother if I could get to hear more, if I can share them here as well then I'll throw in your grandfather at no extra cost.

A set of gorgeously hypnotic "noise" contained on a self-released CDr from 2012 that came out in a mighty edition of seven.

baby take your teeth out


badgerstump 10 December 2020 at 19:01  

now that's quite a big assumption on your part ... let the masses decide!

nah fuck it. stop the count.

Anonymous,  12 December 2020 at 18:22  

pretty noisy!