Lidless Eye - Dedication Of Family

Obviously this sounds great ... but as a complete aside, the label is run by Simon D. Wilson who also records as The Blue Spectrum. He's the only person I know of that is more fanatical about American Tapes than were are. I mean John Olson made him a ten tape set of Live Frying and a personal edition of a tape by The Skulls that is different from the original release. John made me a couple of T-shirts on request but it never occured to me to ask for copies of micro editions I'd missed out on. I guess that makes me realise that Simon is a hell of a lot mnore intelligent than me. Mind you, it looks like Knox has his own edition of one with his own catalogue number. I know my place.

Four CDr set released on Blue Spectrum Tapes in 2013. It was released in an edition of ten and it's not MP3.

They fill you with the faults they had

and add some extra, just for you.